Terms of Service

  1. Introduction

    1. Solidtango AB ("Solidtango") provides a digital platform, SolidSport, to stream video over the Internet ("Platform"). The platform is available to sports clubs, associations and other organizations that want to create their own channel ("SolidSport Channel"). Unless distinctly stated below Solidtango and SolidSport is called SolidSport collectively. SolidSport offers a payment solution that gives sports clubs and associations the possibility to offer video content against payment ("payment solution"). Each SolidSport Channel is offered various features and services, below (“the Services").

    2. These Terms of Service further called (the "Agreement"), is between SolidSport and the association / organization that you are authorized to represent, further called ("Partner"). By accepting this agreement a binding contract with SolidSport is agreed upon. As authorized signatories guarantee that you have the right to sign a contract on the partner's behalf. It is therefore important that you take the time to read the contract carefully. To start using the platform and services, you must first fill in the information in the form on the web page www.solidsport.com/join.

    3. The platform is under development and will gradually be updated with new services. SolidSport reserves the right to make changes in the agreement, such as to respond to changes in the binding legislation or as a result of changes in the features of the platform and services. Partners will be informed of these changes via the email address provided to the SolidSport in the special form, unless the changes are minimal.

  2. Details regarding payment solution

    1. SolidSports's payment solution will enable Partner to sell matches, tournaments, events and other content to their viewers ("Users"). The digital material made available in SolidSport channel by the Partner in the form of video, audio, music, text, graphics and images is referred to below as ("Digital Content").

    2. Unless otherwise specifically agreed responsible partner to produce the Digital Content and make it available on the platform.

    3. Partners have the option to sell its Digital Contents as follows:

      • Single Sales (pay-per-view): Certain content, such as a game, sold at a set price.
      • Fixed period: All the content on a SolidSport channel is sold at a unified price for a fixed period of time (eg a tournament).
      • Subscriptions: Sales of subscriptions where the user gets access to one or more SolidSport channels. The subscription will be renewed on a regular basis according to the interval set when the subscription is published..
    4. Partner har möjlighet att knyta annonsörer och sponsorer till sin SolidSportkanal. Försäljning av banners, sponsorskap och liknande former av reklam och marknadsföring ska hanteras av SolidSport. Se vidare punkt 3.1 kring fördelning av intäkter.

    5. To get access to the payment solution the SolidSport channel must be approved by SolidSport. This is done by partners contacting SolidSport. Upon registration of a SolidSport Channel, the Partner receives a so-called channel ID which is to be used for communication with SolidSport.

    6. With the limitation of a minimum price that SolidSport specifies from time to time, the Partner sets the price of Digital Contents that is offered to users of the SolidSport channel.

    7. Disturbances and compensation to Users
      1. SolidSport is not responsible for any technical interference in the SolidSport channel and does not guarantee that these are always free from technical errors. If shortages or interruptions in SolidSport channel arises, SolidSport are given the opportunity to correct them without a breach of contract shall exist. SolidSport also have the right to close the SolidSport channel, for example, upgrades and service.

      2. In case of no transmission with excessive disturbances in which a User has failed to take the part of the content, SolidSport can offer the user a so-called voucher code. Such voucher code can be used to purchase any paid content on the entire platform.

      3. Refunds to users will be made only in exceptional cases. SolidSport decides if the refund shall be applied to compensate a User for missing out on Content that clearly does not correspond to the user expectations. SolidSport reserves the right to claim compensation from the Partner at the cost of reimbursement to the user if the Partner is responsible for the error.

    8. Support

      SolidSport is responsible for any support towards Users who consume content provided behind payment solution. The support is limited to issues related to the actual payment. The Partner is responsible for questions regarding the content that is produced by the Partner.

    9. Marketing and trial periods
      1. SolidSport has the right to on its own or through its partners, marketing partner's content on SolidSport. This applies to content that requires payment solution as well as content provided for free to the user, in any media without any restrictions of any kind in relation to the Parties.

      2. SolidSport reserves the right to distribute voucher codes in the platform, which is intended to compensate or promote specific content, channels or platform as a whole. No compensation / revenue accrues partner in the purchase of content via voucher code.

      3. SolidSport may offer free trial periods for new Users who get free access to payment services throughout the trial period. No compensation / revenue accrues Partner on trial periods or the issuing of voucher codes.

  3. Revenues and payment

    1. The Partner and SolidSport gets equal shares (50/50) on the gross revenue generated by SolidSport channel in connection with the Digital Content. Gross revenue includes all revenue generated from the sale (see paragraph 2.3 above) of digital content on the Partners SolidSport channel and, when applicable revenue from advertising and sponsorship that is published directly connected to the Digital Content only after deduction of VAT based on the country the buyer is in when the purchase is made (if no other sharing of revenue is agreed upon in writing between the parties).

    2. Partners can, through their account with SolidSport,in real time, check the revenue value from the payment solution. The partner is entitled to invoice Solidtango AB for revenues generated through the payment solution. The invoice is sent to the address indicated below in this Agreement. The minimum billable amount is five hundred (500) SEK. Payment terms is thirty (30) days. When the bill is made out to Solidtango this must include applicable sales tax for Partners, which must also be stated on the invoice.

    3. Partners must be registered for VAT to be able to use the payment solution. If the partner is not registered for VAT, the invoiced amount must be without VAT. The Partner is responsible for the invoice to include their SolidSport channel ID so that the invoice can be matched with the correct SolidSport channel.

    4. The partner is obliged to invoice the outstanding amount within 180 days after the transaction took place, or the Partner loses the right to its share of the revenue. This does not apply when the total balance of the account is less than 500 SEK.

    5. SolidSport has the right, without liability to the Partner, cancel the SolidSport channel if they repeatedly violate the Terms of this Agreement.

    6. SolidSport is also entitled to reimbursement of the amount already paid to the partner if it is discovered that the organization / user received payment by fraud or other dishonest or criminal procedure.

    7. Billing and contact information: Solidtango AB, Lumaparksvägen 9, 120 31 Stockholm, Email address: info@solidsport.com

  4. Intellectual Property Rights

    1. The Partner ensures that it holds the ownership (or the right to dispose of) all intellectual property rights to the Digital Content required for tenure to to SolidSport according to the contract. The Partner retains ownership of Digital Content but leases to SolidSport the rights of use in accordance with what is stated in paragraph 4.3 below.

    2. The Partner ensures that from all authors and other contributors to the digital content made available in SolidSport channel will have acquired all rights, including copyright and the right to the photographic images, and that clearance is made for the music rights required for SolidSport's use according to this Agreement.

    3. When the Partner uploads digital content on the SolidSport channel SolidSport is granted by Partner to:
      a) Non-exclusive rights to itself or through third parties, worldwide provide all or part of the digital content to the public on request by streaming, temporary download or the transmission form at all now and in the future existing distribution platforms, for receiving all present and future existing media, whether such receiving is free of charge, subscription payment, pay-per-view, or other form of payment.
      b) Non-exclusive rights to worldwide freely use excerpts, clips and still images from digital content for marketing purposes of the platform and / or SolidSport.
      c) A non-exclusive right to make such copies of Digital Content available on the SolidSport channel required for archiving and to facilitate the marketing and availability of the SolidSport Channel and platform.

    4. The Partner agrees to SolidSport having the right to display the SolidSport brand and / or logo or icon or cross promotional message when marketing platform and services.

    5. With the exception of digital content made available by Partners are all other material on the platform either owned by or licensed to SolidSport and is subject to copyright, trademark and other intellectual property rights of SolidSport or SolidSport licensors. Partner is not entitled to copy, transfer, distribute, sublicense or otherwise make available such material without the prior written consent of SolidSport or SolidSport licensors. SolidSport and its licensors reserve all rights not explicitly disclosed to Partner.

  5. Responsibility for the contents of solidsport channel

    1. The Partner is solely responsible for the content of Digital Content and ensures that it complies with applicable laws and regulations, such as the Freedom of Expression and Copyright law. For the avoidance of doubt, SolidSport is not responsible for the content and is not the responsible publisher of digital content partners make available on the SolidSport channel.

    2. Partner guarantees that the SolidSport channel does not contain statements or material whose disclosure could give rise to civil liability or criminal liability for SolidSport. SolidSport does not endorse any opinion or statement expressed in SolidSport channel and is under no circumstances responsible for the content of these.

    3. Partner may not upload Digital Contents on SolidSport channel that includes illegal material such as, but not limited to hate speech, unlawful depiction of violence, child pornography, defamation, copyright infringement, pornography or material that contains graphic violence. In the event that Partner becomes aware that such material is made available in SolidSport channel Partners should immediately remove the material and inform SolidSport.

    4. SolidSport has anytime the right to refuse to publish or to remove already published Digital Content on the SolidSport channel that does not meet the requirements for making available via the platform under the Agreement. SolidSport should as soon as possible via the email address that Partner has stated, inform the Partner about certain material denied or removed as above. Partner has no right to claim compensation for loss of revenue or otherwise target any claim against SolidSport of all or part of the digital content is denied publication or removed from SolidSport Channel.

    5. Partners are aware that Users can leave comments and messages on the SolidSport channel. Furthermore, users will be able to upload video material on Partners SolidSport channel. Partner is responsible to regularly monitor its SolidSport channel, and promptly remove messages and other materials that are not in accordance with this Agreement. Furthermore, the partner making SolidSport aware of such users, so that appropriate action against them can be taken, for example, deletion.

  6. Liability and discharge

    1. Partner shall compensate and keep SolidSport free from all types of damages, claims, costs and expenses, including legal fees, arising in connection with breach of this Agreement and the guarantees provided for in paragraph 4 and 5 above for claims made by third party related to the Digital Content. Partners liability under the foregoing assumes that SolidSport promptly notify Partner of the submitted claim.

    2. SolidSport has no liability or financial responsibility to the partners of the platform and / or SolidSport channel's function or quality except as distinctly stated in the Agreement. SolidSport leaves no guarantees to Partner that distributable revenue under the Agreement is actually obtained from users or sponsors / advertisers.

    3. Complaints and claims must be in writing asserted within a reasonable time, but within (6) months after the date the claim is made, or should have been done, regarding.

  7. Personal data

    1. Each party is required to comply with the EU Data Protection Regulation, GDPR, and other applicable laws regarding the protection of personal data. The Partner is considered as a data controller for the personal data partners processes in and adjacent to the SolidSport Channel. SolidSport should be regarded as personal data assistant when SolidSport processes this personal information for its Partners.

    2. The Parties recognize that the Digital Content that is made available on the platform subject to the Swedish constitution and is therefore in much the exceptions of GDPR.

    3. What should and should not be covered by GDPR is currently unclear in Swedish law. The Parties shall therefore continue to consult on these issues in order to best comply GDPR.

    4. In order to fulfill some of SolidSport contractual obligations to partners the personal data is processed as a representative of the partner to SolidSport in registering the SolidSport Channel, such as social security number, name, address and email address. For these data SolidSport is regarded as a data controller.

    5. SolidSport processes the personal data of the Users that uses the Payment Services on the SolidSport Channel and SolidSport is considered as a data controller in relation to these users. This issue is regulated in more detail in the Terms of Use that apply between SolidSport and the Users, and the SolidSport Privacy Policy which is available here: https://solidsport.com/en/privacy-policy.

  8. Termination and implications for termination

    1. Partners termination of this Agreement shall be made in writing to the address mentioned in paragraph 3.7 above. The agreement will expire thirty (30) days after SolidSport has confirmed receiving such termination notice and the payment of the balance of any outstanding payment occurred.

    2. SolidSport may at any time terminate the Agreement with Partner with immediate effect if:
      a) Partner has violated any of the conditions of the Agreement;
      b) SolidSport is obliged to terminate the agreement according to law (such as the providing of the platform becomes unlawful); or
      c) If the Partner goes bankrupt, goes into liquidation, initiates procedure for company reconstruction and / or when it is otherwise clear that the partner is insolvent.

    3. If terminated, regardless of the reasons for this, SolidSport has the right (but no obligation) to remove the Digital Content from the platform. Partners also have the right to independently remove the material, but not in relation to the Users who signed up for a subscription that covers all or part of the Digital Content. In relation to such users, the material can only be removed by the Partner after the subscription in question has expired.

  9. Force Majeure

    1. A party is not liable for failure to perform its obligations under this Agreement if such failure is due to circumstances beyond the party's control and party promptly notifies the other party that such circumstance exists.

    2. If the party due to the circumstances under item 10.1 has been unable to fulfill its obligations under the agreement for a period of more than six (6) months, the other party has the right to terminate the agreement, in which neither party shall be liable to the other party.

  10. Notices, changes and additions

    1. Communications under this Agreement shall be in writing. Message sent by electronic mail or fax constitutes written notice of receipt confirmed.

    2. Changes or additions to this agreement shall be in writing and signed by both parties to be valid.

  11. Transfer

    1. Partner may not transfer its rights or obligations under the contract without SolidSport’s written consent.

  12. Applicable law and disputes

    1. Swedish law shall apply to this Agreement.

    2. Disputes arising in connection with this Agreement shall be finally settled by arbitration administered by the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce Arbitration Institute (SCC). Rules for Expedited Arbitrations shall apply, unless the SCC with regard to the case, the value in dispute and other circumstances decides that the Arbitration Rules shall apply. In the latter case, the SCC shall also decide whether the arbitral tribunal shall consist of one or three arbitrators.