Cup Information/All about the cup

Welcome to Storvretacup 2019/2020!

We have gathered some important information about the tournament: 

Dec 27-29 2019

Women and Men

A-junior men's / women born -99, -00 (H-20 and D-20)

B-juniors men's /women born -01, -02 (H-18 and D-18) 

Boys and girls born -03, -04

Jan 2-4 2020

Boys and girls born -05, -06

Jan 4-6 2020

Boys and girls -07, -08, -09 ,-10 and younger

Swedish Floorball Federation rules govern all games.

Playing time and number of matches

All classes 27th-29th of December play 2 x 20 minutes. The basic game is played in series form, where winning teams qualify for the A finals, and losing teams qualify to the B finals.

All other classes play 2 x 15 minutes up to and including semifinals. The finals of all classes are played 2x20 min.

Juniors and Youth (02-06) are guaranteed to play at least four games. 

Adult, junior and the youth classes born -02 to -07 plays both A-and B-playoffs. 

Boys/Girls born -07or younger are guaranteed four games.

Difficult or easy group in the youngest classes 

In the classes boys -03, -04 -05 -06 and -07 as well as girls -07 you can choose to play hard or easy group.

In the class for boys born -07, we also offer the opportunity to participate in B07M, where M stands for the Medium. This is to try to make the games more even, this is because we have a lot of newly started teams and teams from younger age groups in the Easy class. So if you have a boys born -07 team that has played a few years, but still feel that you are not ready to play in Hard class it will be the Medium class that should suit you best. 

Winning Bonus

Winning teams in the ladies and gentlemens class: 20 000 SEK 

Winning teams in the H-20 and D-20: 20.000 SEK 

Winning teams in the H-18 and D-18: 10.000 SEK

All winning teams in the A finals are awarded next year’s entrance fee (Storvretacup 2020/2021).

(Applies only for teams in the difficult group)

Medals to all players and a team trophy are awarded to the 1st-3rd team in each class of the Class A playoffs. 

A team trophy is awarded to the winner and runner up in the B playoffs. 

Every game, a MVP receives a prize.

In the A-finals of all age classes, the tournament's best goalkeeper, defender and forward are nominated and presented during the A-Final award ceremony.

All participants in the youngest boys and girls classes receive a plaque.

Payment and expenses

Entry Fee

Seniors, juniors and players born -03, -04: 2500 SEK / per team

Youth: 2300 SEK / per team

Attendance Cards

Category A: two nights stay in school, two breakfasts, two lunches and two dinners (dinner day 1 - lunch day 3) 

Bus transportation with UL buses to and from the floorball arenas and schools, Cup t-shirt, discounted admission to the Fyrishov Water Park. There is a limited amount of sleeping spaces at schools. Payment of attendance cards dictate order of booking space at schools. The classrooms bookings are baes on room for 90 cm per person. Price: 730 SEK per person.

Category D: Bus transportation with UL buses to and from the floorball arenas and schools, Cup t-shirt, discounted admission to the Fyrishov Water Park. Price: 200 SEK per person.

Category H: 2 overnight stays incl. breakfast at a hotel (multi-bed rooms) Bus transportation with UL buses to and from the floorball arenas and hotels, Cup t-shirt, discounted admission to the Fyrishov Water Park. Limited amount of spaces available, booked H-cards are not repaid. Price: 1 100 SEK per person

Some sort of Attendance Cards are mandatory for all players & managers.

Dubbling card
Can only be bought by players playing on two teams. NOTE you can NOT play on two teams in the same class and a player playing with dispensation can only play on the team he or she has received dispensation for. The doubling card isn't a physical card but a fee you pay to get to play on two teams. 100 SEK

Food vouchers 

Vouchers for lunch and dinner can be purchased by anyone who visits  Storvretacupen for 70 SEK.

Food card

For those of you who have booked an H-card or D-card and want to eat all five lunches / dinners we now offer a foodcard at a discounted price: 325 SEK

NOTE! The foodcard is not a Attendance card, but one way to order meals during the tournament. It can be purchased by anyone who visits Cup.

Hotel Reservations

Hotel bookings are spread over several hotels with a good grade in Uppsala. There are only a limited number of rooms available so book your rooms well in advance. All hotel reservations are non-refundable. (Applies only to category H attendance cards). If we cannot offer everyone room at a hotel those who paid first get booked first.


Throughout the duration of the Cup you can travel for free with UL's busses, read more here.

Teams that arrive or departure from Uppsala train station can schedule transportation to/from the Cup at a cost of 50 SEK per person. (Note: Schedule this service when you register your team!)

Transportation to and from Arlanda Airport or Stockholm Ferryterminal may be arranged at a cost of 250 SEK per person. (Note: Schedule this service when you register your team!)

Key dates of notification and final payment

Notification and payment of team entry is due Storvreta IBK no later than Nov 9th 2019. All fees are paid to Swift NDEASESS, IBAN SE 97 9500 0099 6034 0250 6939 PG 250693-9 marked "Storvretacupen".

Payment of the registration fee acts as the official notification.

registrering av avgifter utförs fortlöpande. Betalning kan ses på profixio ca 3 bankdagar efter betalning.

Registration of payments is done contiously    . Payments can be seen in Profixio approx. 3 bank days after payment.

50% of the team entry fee is refunded for cancellations made before Nov 16. 2019

Along with entering your team we ask that you make a preliminary booking of all attendance cards, ie type and amount.

Attendance cards must be paid no later than Nov 20th 2019.

For questions or any thoughts about the tournament, please contact us by email: