Cup Information/Food and Beverage

Food vouchers 

Vouchers for lunch and dinner can be purchased by anyone who visits Storvreta Cup for 70 SEK.

Food card

For those of you who have booked an H-card or D-card (see "General" for more information) and want to eat all five lunches / dinners we now offer a foodcard at a discounted price: 325 SEK

NOTE! The foodcard is not a Attendance card, but one way to order meals during the tournament. It can be purchased by anyone who visits Cup.

Breakfast is served 06.00-09.00 (28-29 Dec. & 3-6 Jan.)
Lunch is served 11.00-14.00 (27-29 Dec. & 2-6 Jan.)
Dinner is served 16.00-19.00 (27-28 Dec. & 2-5 Jan.)

Vegetarian options are available at all meals.

Cup menu 2019/2020

27.12 Lunch: Ground beef patties with cream sauce, potatoes, lingon berry sauce and pickled cucumber
          Dinner: Chicken casserole with coconut cream and vegetables, rice / roasted potatoes

28.12 Lunch: Sausage stew with rice
          Dinner: Marinated baked chicken fillet with dragon sauce and potato in a pan

29.12 Lunch: Beef balls, sauce, lingon berries, cucumber and potatoes
2.1 Lunch: Salisbury steak, cream sauce, potatoes and accessories
      Dinner Sausage stew with vegetable rice

3.1 Lunch: Oven baked lightly smoked kassler with mild chili cream sauce and potatoes
      Dinner: Marinated chicken fillet with sweet chili dressing potatoes / rice

4.1 Lunch: Beef balls, sauce, boiled potatoes and accessories
      Dinner: Spicy sausage with hot vegetables rice / potatoes

5.1 Lunch: Oven baked chicken fillet with mango dressing
      Dinner: Beef steak with hot vegetables, sauce, lingon berries, cucumber and potato

6.1 Lunch: Nasi Goreng served with curry dressing
For all meals, a plentiful salad table is served with butter and hard bread, milk as well as a meal drink

Food is served at Celcius and Fyrisschool.

Allergies: Only special nutrition allergies need to be notified as all meals are served milk and lactose free, egg-free, gluten-free, and alternative to pork

It is import IF you email about a specifik allergi that you let us know what school and dates the meals are needed for. Email allergies to         

Welcome wishes the kitchen for the Storvretacupen 2019/2020