Cup Information/Competition rules

Competition rules Storvretacup 2021/2022

1. Game Rules

Swedish Floorball Federation rules apply unless otherwise indicated. Link to

2. The pairings, playing attire

B/G05, B/G 06, M18, M20, W18, W20, M, W 2 x 20 min

Other classes 2 x 15 min,

A-finals will be played 2 x 20 min

If both teams have game jerseys in similar colors the team noted as the away team are responsible for changing jerseys.

3. Groups

Each group consists of 4 teams, where everyone plays against everyone else once. The two top finishers will advance to the A-playoffs and the rest go to B-playoffs. In classes where there is only one group, all teams go to the same playoffs, position after the group stage will determine who plays who in the playoffs.

4. Scoring

The winning team in the group games get 3 points, drawn games give 1 point and lost games gives 0 points. No results or scores are calculated for classes born -09 or younger.

5. Placed at equal points

At the same amount of points after the group stage position is determined by 1) Goal difference, the difference between made and conceded goals 2) Most goals scored 3) Result of game between teams 4) Draw the placement at the office.

6. Equal results at full-time in playoff

If the result at full time is equal, the match is decided by shootouts in accordance with paragraph 7. In the final a tied game results in 1 period of 5 min where the first goal wins (sudden death). If the game is still tied after this period the game is decided by a penalty shootout. The final penalty shootout is according to number 7.

7. Penalty shots for determining match

The referees will determine which goal the penalty shots will be taken on. Next, the order will be drawn between the team captains. The winning team decides which team will start the shootout. 5 field players from each team will take all the penalty shots, including additional penalties. Team captain or team management shall notify in writing the referees which numbers the players have and in what order the penalty shots will be taken. The referees then informs the secretariat. The penalty shootout is decided by five penalty shoots where team take every other penalty shot. If the game is decided during regular shootouts, the match ended. The game ends when a team is leading by a larger number of goals than the opposing team's remaining number of penalty shots. If the match is a draw after five regular penalty shots the game goes to sudden death penalty shots, with one round, one penalty shot for each team, of penalty shots at a time. A player may not take his second penalty shot before a different player takes at least one penalty shot and so on. Players who are in the protocol are marked as a goalkeeper may not participate in penalty shootout. Penalized players, but not players who have been given a match penalty, may participate in the shootout. If a team does not have access to 5 field players the shootout must be completed with the number of players available. For each penalty shot where there is no penalty shot taker, the team may not take the penalty shot. The penalty shot where players are missing can be placed anywhere among the five regular penalty shots.

8. Protests

A written protest can be submitted to the organizer up to one hour after the game in question has ended. The protest fee is 1000 SEK and shall be submitted simultaneously with the written protest.

9. Walk over (WO)

If a team is more than 10 minutes late to a games specified start time then the other team receives credit for the victory 5-0. Decisions on WO taken by the referee for the match. WO without cause, renders a penalty of 1000 SEK and that the team is excluded from the tournament. The team's past results are deleted and the group is recalculated. Otherwise, the Swedish Floorball Federation rules apply.

10. Items excluded from the Swedish Floorball Federation Rules.

Some game boards are 36 x 18 meter, penalty shots are taken directly after full time in the playoffs without overtime except in the final. Age dispensation is approved by the Competition Committee. District Federations age dispensation are used as a basis for approval. Waivers may be requested for multiple players in the squad, but no more than two over-age players are allowed per game, players may be one year older than other players on the team he is seeking dispensation for. Players with an exemption may only play on one team. Applications for age dispensation should be emailed to by the 15th of December. 

There are no dispensation for the A-juniors and B-juniors.

11. Time-out.

No time-outs are allowed during the group games.

National teams

National teams can be allowed to participate if they are judged to be at the same level as the other teams in the age group.  Email before sign up for judgment by the cup organisation.