Cup Information/After Registration

What happens after I have signed up for the Storvretacup?

9th of November

You can register for the Storvretacup no later than the 9th of November, which is also the deadline to pay the application fee. Please provide your team name and class, when you pay your fees. You can see when the payment has been registered by Storvreta IBK, by logging in to your registration page.

You hereby book the participant (Observe: it is compulsory to buy attendancecars for all players and leaders in Storvreta Cup) any food coupons and shuttle that your team wants, and fills in the sizes of the cup t-shirts that you want.

16th of November

If you are forced to cancel your team from the Storvretacup, you can do so yourself up to the 16th of November by using your user name and password you chose when you first registered in Profixio, log on to your team pages and click the trash can in front of the team name.

If you want to cancel your participation in the tournament after the 16th of November, you must contact Storvreta IBK, on or by phone at +46-70-747 81 04

Up to the 16th of November we will refund 50% of the entry fee.

20th of November

You can log on to your team's pages and modify your order until the 20th of November, after this the function will be closed and you must contact Storvreta IBK to make any changes.

Changes to your order can do this by clicking the "Change Order", make the changes / additions you want and click on "Save".

If you want to reduce the number of participant, click on "Change Order", "edit", "edit order" and type in the new number there.

The 20th of November is also the last date to pay the participationcards, any food stamps and transfers. Your invoices you print yourself by clicking on the "invoice" and then download / create invoice on your team page.

There is a box "Additional information", where you can submit any requests concerning accommodation, if you want to stay in the same school as a different team or at a specific hotel or similar. Please note that these requests are just that, desires and therefore nothing that we can guarantee. But we are obviously trying to meet as many requests as we can. Other concerns, i.e. concerning exemptions or questions about the tournament must be emailed to for us to be able to answer the questions.

If you have booked a transfer with us it is important that you tell us what time the train / bus going to Uppsala C, in good time before the Cup starts. If you are going to Arlanda, we need the arrival time and departure time and flight number.

H card

If you have booked an H-card and therefore will be staying in a hotel during the Storvretacup, you must email a list of names of everyone who will be staying at the hotel later than the 20th of November to It is possible to make changes to the name also after you submit the name list, contact Storvreta IBK at the email address above.

In the name list, you can also write any requests for single rooms (we have only a few single rooms), spatial distribution and the like. Please note that these requests are just that, desires, and therefore nothing that we can guarantee. (In H-board includes accommodation in hotels, but not in a specific type of room, but the room type can change up until arrival.)

We will allocate Hotels in the order in which payment of participationcards are received and the list of names come in.

If the H cards are not paid by the 20th of November, then these beds can no longer be counted as booked and you must contact Storvreta IBK and ask if there is still room in the hotel for your team.

In mid-December, a welcome letter with information about where you should stay, and check in to the Storvretacup will be sent to the email address you provided when you registered team.

The schedule will be published on our website in mid-December.

Bus lists with and the times when meals are served, and the contact information of matron at the school (where you can email any requests for special diets for people with allergies, etc.), maps and other useful information will be posted on our website during the autumn.

Cup start

The day the Cup will start for your team, you start to head for the check (info on where to check in will be in the welcome letter sent out in mid-December), where you leave the line up which will apply throughout the Cup. A copy will be taken and stored in a binder in the school / Fyrishov and will serve as a checklist. Line up, you get back and then you bring it to every match. You will receive your attendance card, cup t-shirts and possible food stamps, then you gain access to your room at school / you head to the hotel where you will be staying (Note that the hotels may have different times when you get access to the rooms, the easiest is contact the hotel and check with them when you can get there). 

After all, the practical is done, just head out into the wintry Uppsala and then head to the arena where you play your first match in the Storvretacup!

If questions arise it is always advisable to contact Storvreta IBK by email or phone +46-18-36 69 00.