Cup Information/After Registration



The Registration fee should be paid within 10 days of registering to secure your spot.

Book your Attendance Cards as soon as possible, changes can be made up until the 20th of November when they should be paid for.

You sign up for Storvretacupen the 9th of November at the latest, that is also the latest the Registration Fee should be paid. You can see when the payment has been registered by Storvreta IBK by logging into your registration page. It can take up to 3 bank days for the registration to register on you registration page.

You make a prelimanry booking of Attendance Cards and any meal card and potential transfers your team needs.
(OBS! Attendance Cards are manditory for all players and staff that are participating in Storvretacupen)

If you are forced to cancel your registration you can do that yourself up to the 9th of November. Log in with the username and password you chose when you registered in Profixio and click on the wastepaper basket in front of your team name.

If you want to cancel your participation after the 9th of November you have to contact Storvreta IBK at

Up to the 9th of November we repay the full Regístration Fee, after that 50% of the fee.


You can log on to your team's pages and modify your order until the 20th of November, after this the function will be closed and you must contact Storvreta IBK to make any changes.

The 20th of November is also the last date to pay the Attendance Cards, any meal cards and transfers. Your invoices you print yourself by clicking on the "invoice" and then download / create invoice on your team page.

Changes to your order can do this by clicking the "Change Order", make the changes / additions you want and click on "Save".
If you want to reduce the number of participants, click on "Change Order", "edit", "edit order" and type in the new number there. OBS! Remember to ”save” your changes.

If you have fetched/created your bill it is set and will not change even if you make changes in your order. If you order less players a credit check will be created with the proper amount to remove. You have to then make sure that you pay the correct total for your order, removing the amount that is on the credit check. If the cost of the order goes up another bill will be created that will need to be paid seperatly.

There is a box "Additional information", where you can submit any requests concerning accommodation, if you want to stay in the same school as a different team or at a specific hotel or similar. Please note that these requests are just that, desires and therefore nothing that we can guarantee. But we are obviously trying to meet as many requests as we can. Other concerns, i.e. concerning exemptions or questions about the tournament must be emailed to for us to be able to answer the questions.

If you have booked a transfer with us it is important that you tell us what time the train / bus going to Uppsala C, in good time before the Cup starts at the VERY LATEST the 7th of December. If you are going to Arlanda, we need the arrival time and departure time and flight number.

If you haven’t booked a transfer and are arriving with your own bus/car you do not have to note an arrival time.

If you have booked an H-card and therefore will be staying in a hotel during Storvretacupen, you must email a list of names of everyone who will be staying at the hotel later than the 20th of November to It is possible to make changes to the name also after you submit the name list, contact Storvreta IBK at the email address above. We need the list if names to complete the booking with the hotel so it is important it is emailed in time.

If you would like to request a single room you have to contact us at but note we do not guaranty single rooms and they cost extra.

Since we have a limited amount of hotel rooms we will confirm bookings in the order of which they where paid if we cannot offer everyone that have ordered H-cards rooms in a hotel.

If the H cards are not paid by the 20th of November, then these beds can no longer be counted as booked and you must contact Storvreta IBK and ask if there is still room in the hotel for your team.
All bookings are done through the cuppage followed by payment, no bookings via email.

The Registration Fee is fully refunded (100%) up to and including the 9th of November, after that 50% is refunded.
Potential refunds of Attendance Cards A and D are only available if you cancel them at the latest at Check in.

H-cards are not refunded.

In mid-December, a welcome letter with information about where you should stay, and check in to Storvretacuprn will be sent to the email address you provided when you registered team. Unfortunately the email sometimes ends up in peoples spam filter so be sure to check there.

The game schedule will be published on our website in mid-December.

Bus lists with and the times when meals are served, and the contact information of matron at the school (where you can email any requests for special diets for people with allergies, etc.), maps and other useful information will be posted on our website during the autumn.
Addresses to arenas and schools will be updated as soon as we know which arenas and schools we will be using.

The day the Cup will start for your team, you start to head for the check (info on where to check in will be in the welcome letter sent out in mid-December), where you leave the line up which will apply throughout the Cup. A copy will be taken and stored in a binder in the school / Fyrishov and will serve as a checklist. Line up, you get it back and then you bring it to every match. You will receive your attendance card and possible meal cards at check in.
Time for access to the classrooms will be revealed later.

The hotels can have different times for when you get access to your rooms, therefore we ask that you have direct contact with the hotels to find out what rules there are.

After all the practical stuff is done just head out into the wintry Uppsala and then head to the arena where you play your first match in Storvretacupen!

If any question arrise you can always contact Storvreta IBK at