Storvretacupen has signed an agreement for transport during the cup, which means that we will use local traffic to transport our teams during their stay, which will mean improved transportation opportunities during Storvretacupen.

Storvreta IBK has signed a four-year agreement with the Klubbhuset regarding partnerships around the Storvretacupen, which will help participants with families to have a wide range of floorball materials and access personal service on site with everything from cutting the club to changing blades and stickwraps.

Due to late drop-off, Storvreta is now looking for streamers for Storvretacupen! Team, class or individual, anyone who can run SolidSport's simple iPad rig and film matches during Storvretacupen are welcome to get intouch.

They are with you all the way! Weekend holiday, cabin vacation or family trip easy and cheap through us.

Now we have posted all the schedules but they are still being adjusted.

We are working full time to get all the game schedules in order, note that we are still adjusting the schedule that has been posted and it may show errors at times but we hope to get it fixed soon.