The highlight of the season. An experience equivalent to an SSL playoffs. Oxdog player and national team star Alexander Rudd knows exactly how thousands of girls and boys feel about the adventure of Storvretacupen. And he likes to tell the secrets behind his own successes.

Don't miss visiting out partner Klubbhuset that has everything a floorball player can need and will help you with anything and everything related to gear. They can be found in IFU Arena and at Fyrishov.

For the teams playing during the last period of Storvretacupen there will be an opportunity to watch the game between Storvreta and Linköping in the Swedish Superleague in IFU Arena, the game will start 15:00.

Today we finish the second round of Storvretacupen with finals as well as start the third and final round of Storvretacupen!

Uppsala tourist information is on site at IFU Arena during Storvretacupen.

Don't miss the chance to bring home Craft Sportswear's Storvretacupen hoodie and t-shirt!