This 40 days before the first face off. 775 teams have already signed up, which is seventeen more is last year's record listing.

Case Conner was one of the players on the U.S. MU19 developmental team at the Golden Gate Cup. Watch as he tells us about the team, why he fell in love with floorball, his upcoming trip to the Storvretacupen and why you should try floorball.

We have passed the final date to sign up for the Storvretacupen 2018-2019 and over 700 teams from all over the world have already signed up. You can still sign up but groups will be closed when they are full.

Today is the last day to sign up for the Storvretacupen and we already have over 700 teams signed up, many more than the same time last year!

Don’t miss the chance to sign up to the Storvretacupen, the last day to sign up is this Friday the 9th of November!

We are approaching the deadline for sign up, the 9th of November, quickly and we thought we would take the opportunity to tell you about our lovely city, Uppsala.