The bus schedule was update for shorter rides.

Team USA's (U19) adventure in Storvretacupen has officially started. The goal is not set high, the players are in Sweden to improve and make the sport grow in the home country. - We’re just trying to get better and really promote the growth of floorball, says Keene Addington, 14.

Storvretacupen is up and running. Just over two thousand games are waiting to be played during eight days of the world's largest flooring cup. And you see all games live on SolidSport.

And of course, we want to make it possible for as many people as possible to get to Storvretacupen and experience the atmosphere in place!

A team worth an extra look during Storvretacupen may well be the Ukrainian men’s national team. Tamuz Hidir, chairman of the Ukrainian floorball Federation, gives us an insight.

Eat like Storvreta's A-team, get ready by eating at Uppsala's most popular lunch restaurant!