Welcome To The New Homepage of Storvretacupen 2018-2019

Our new digital home for Storvretacupen is SolidSport.
All future video content will be streamed LIVE and available through Pay-Per-View here on SolidSport when the competition starts in late December.
Video content from previous years of Storvretacupen are available to stream right now. Watch and subscribe under videos.

The Storvretacupen starts on the 27th of December and if your team still have not signed up to the competition it is now about time!

Sign un by using the link in the menu or by clicking here.

We will frequently update the homepage with new and important information so please check back often.

We have already posted useful information regarding accommodation and travel, food coupons and sign up costs, etc. 

Click on Cup Information to learn more.

More news

Fenomenet som är Storvretacupen

UPPSALA. Allt började i en sliten gympasal 1989. Det slutade i världens största innebandyevenemang. Och då har Peter Wennberg bara kommit halvvägs i sitt jobb med Storvretacupen.

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Storvretacupen and SolidSport are chasing new records together

SolidSport and the classic Storvretacupen has proved to be a successful combination. Now the parties have agreed on a comprehensive agreement for three years to come, starting 2018/2019. - We want to make the world's largest floorball cup more accessible than ever, says SolidSport's CEO Tobias Thalbäck.

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The Future of Floorball is Really Bright in the Philippines

This December the Philippines women’s national team will participate in the Storvretacupen. Recently Philippine Floorball Association president Ralph Ramos visited Sweden to prepare.Check out the interview here.

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Dean Smith About Floorball in the United Kingdom

Dean Smith tells us about the state of floorball in the United Kingdom as well as his experience at the Storvretacup and his upcoming adventures with the UKFF at the WFCQ in Italy.

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