Two weeks left to sign up!

There are only two weeks left to sign up for Storvretacupen but teams are signing up at a fast pace and coordinator Frida Ohlström gives us an update.

- Great fun to finally be up and running with all the preparations for the upcoming cup, we look forward to welcoming all players, staff and spectators to a wonderful floorball party! Says Frida Ohlström, Storvretacupen coordinator.

More teams always sign up when we approach the deadline and already now we can state that several international teams have signed up, among others teams from Finland, USA and the Czech Republic.

- We notice that there are many teams that have longed to play floorball and look forward to going to Storvretacupen. We have had a large influx of teams the last week and expect to pass 400 registered teams soon, says Frida Ohlström, Storvretacupen coordinator.

All matches will be streamed live on Solidsport and it will be a wonderful experience for everyone on site.

The last date to sign up for Storvretacupen is November 9! Read more about Storvretacupen here or sign up directly here.

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Storvretacupen 2021/2022 is canceled

Today Storvretacupen’s organization have been reached by information that makes it impossible to run Storvretacupen. Therefore we are reluctantly forced to announce that Storvretacupen, which should have started on the 27th of December 2021, will be canceled.

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Preorder Storvretacupen shirts!

For this Storvretacupen Craft and Klubbhuset have created some amazing Storvretacupen shirts, preorder them now at a special price!

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Work during Storvretacupen!

We are now looking for people to work during Storvretacupen, mainly the secretariat and checking vaccinepasses.

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Information regarding covid-19

We prioritize the health and well-being of our teams, visitors and officials and want everyone who experiences the cup on site to feel safe to visit us. We plan and adapt the cup based on the Public Health Agency's advice and recommendations and have a continuous dialogue about the current situation and currently want to inform about the following.

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