Teams are signing up!

The summer has come to an end and now we are hoping for a great floorball season.

Don't miss the chance to sign up for the biggest event of the season, Storvretacupen, sign up here now!

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Anmälan Paraklass/Special Olympics!

Storvretacupen arrangerar två klasser som vänder sig mot personer med funktionsvariation.

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Two weeks left to sign up!

There are only two weeks left to sign up for Storvretacupen but teams are signing up at a fast pace and coordinator Frida Ohlström gives us an update.

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Over 300 teams have signed up!

We have taken yet another big step forward and can now reveal that over 300 teams have signed up and more are on the way.

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Over 200 teams have signed up so far!

The season is just beginning for many teams but many have already signed up for Storvretacupen, just over 200!

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