Storvretacupen has already reached a new world record.

This 40 days before the first face off.
775 teams have already signed up, which is seventeen more is last year's record listing.

About a month remains before the Storvretacupen starts in Uppsala.

But Storvretacupen already knows that it will be the biggest party ever in the cup's history.

Today, 775 teams have been signed up so far, compared to last year's total listing of 758.
- There may also be more teams. We have some groups to fill in and will do the job so that there are no groups with uneven teams, "says Henrik Ededahl.

It sounds like a world record?
"We are the world's largest floorball tournament, so then this must also be a world record," says Henrik Ededahl, chairman of Storvreta IBK.

The explanation for the early success of sign up teams Henrik Ededahl explains as follows:

"We have marketed ourselves in a different way this year and it has yielded results. We have only marketed us digitally in our channels, and through SolidSport clearly.

Right now, teams from nine countries are signed up, including the United States, Switzerland, Belgium, Russia, Belarus and the Philippines.

SolidSport will livestream all the games matches from Storvretacupen, which means that another world record is about to be broken. Last year, 1 953 matches from the cup, a figure that now seems will be broken, were livestreamed.
"We are ready for a floorball party in Uppsala," says Henrik Ededahl.

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