Storvretacupen 2021/2022 is canceled

Today Storvretacupen’s organization have been reached by information that makes it impossible to run Storvretacupen. Therefore we are reluctantly forced to announce that Storvretacupen, which should have started on the 27th of December 2021, will be canceled.

Sport is important for health and well-being. The Swedish Public Health Agency has made it clear that children and youth sports should be conducted as far as possible despite the ongoing pandemic. We have therefore worked and done our utmost to be able to carry out the cup with adaptations of both arenas, accommodations and food service in accordance with the prevailing guidelines regarding infection control measures. Our ambition has always been that as long as we do not get the directives to cancel, we will go through with Storvretacupen!

The Infection Control Unit in the Uppsala Region now advises against conducting Storvretacupen. Situations that bring together many people with close contact indoors for a long time is what creates the greatest risk of the spreading the infection. In practice, this means that accommodation and food service in schools is not appropriate based on the current state of infection. With the directives from the infection control unit and also signals that new restrictions may come soon, we unfortunately see no other way out than to cancel Storvretacupen for the second year in a row.

We are mainly sad for all the children and young people who have longed and looked forward to Storvretacupen as one of the highlights of the year. We have a little more than 600 teams registered for this year's cup including international teams. The cup is also important for the sports movement and the business community in Uppland. We have had a dialogue with both the infection control unit in the Uppsala Region, the Public Health Agency, the Police, Uppsala Municipality and the Swedish Sports Confederation to make as well-founded a decision as possible.

No matter how much we would like to carry out Storvretacupen 21/22 we must put the health of our visitors and our officials in the forefront and we hope for an understanding of the situation and the decision.

Regarding refunds, we will email all teams with information on how to proceed. We ask for your patience in this.

We would like to thank all registered teams, cup workers, partners and suppliers for your cooperation. Together we are strong and will get through this.

The organization around Storvretacupen hopes that we will see each other again, as usual, around Christmas and New Year 2022/2023.

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