The star's best memory: "We got big punches"

The highlight of the season. An experience equivalent to an SSL playoffs.
Oxdog player and national team star Alexander Rudd knows exactly how thousands of girls and boys feel about the adventure of Storvretacupen. And he likes to tell the secrets behind his own successes.

The world's largest floor cup is knocking on the door and hundreds of teams from all over Europe are ready to go to Uppsala. The same trip as Alexander Rudd and his IBK Alba from little Sandviken did about five times during the youth career.

And Storvreta IBK's acclaimed forward remembers with pleasure back on the nights on the laying ground and the challenges on the pitch. I can honestly say that, says Rudd.

- Storvretacupen was the highlight of the season, what you looked forward to. Get away with your friends, sleep in the class room, talk, chew candy - and then play floorball.

There are many children who live in the same apartment block as I do in Uppsala, but it is not often you see them out on the street and giggle.

The memories are many and the star with the straight Oxdog blade and the ingenious backhand must think for a while before picking out a favorite.

- What I remember best is that the cup was so big, and IBK Alba and Sandviken so small. One year we made it all the way to the final, and it had probably never happened either Alba or Sandviken before, says Rudd.

- How it went? There was great pressure. 2-10, I think.

Rudd laughs:

- At least I was included in the cup's all star team, that's maybe why I remember it so well ...

Today he is celebrated star in SSL and a cog in the national team that every year war for the World Cup gold in floorball. And Alexander Rudd knows how he got where he is today, the secret is not so secret at all.

- I've always had a pretty easy time on the pitch, one of the better players on the team. But I was not the very best, but it is a combination of talent and hard work that has taken me here.

- There are many children living in the same multi-family house as I in Uppsala, but it is not often you see them out on the street and giggle. We played around the clock and if it wasn't floorball it was football. I know I sound old now, but today it is very much a mobile phone instead.

Another secret behind the successes is precisely the straight Oxdog blade that Alexander Rudd loves:

- The blade is large and quite square, so I can use the backhand and forehand in the same way. With a rounder it is otherwise easy to lose the backhand.

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