Storvretacupen and SolidSport are chasing new records together

SolidSport and the classic Storvretacupen has proved to be a successful combination.
Now the parties have agreed on a comprehensive agreement for three years to come, starting 2018/2019.

- We want to make the world's largest floorball cup more accessible than ever, says SolidSport's CEO Tobias Thalbäck.

SolidSport's history with the Storvretacupen dates back to 2016, when the first games from the event were broadcasted live on the platform.

The following year, an unofficial world record was set when 1,953 games from the cup were broadcasted live, using the newly released SolidSport Broadcaster app.

Following that success, the parties will now take another step in the partnership as SolidSport becomes the complete solution of the Storvretacupen, which means that becomes the primary information channel for editorial content, including videos, images and text.

- Receiving the trust to deliver this complete digital solution feels incredible. We want to make the world's largest floorball cup more accessible than ever before, before, during and after the cup, whether you're in Uppsala or any other part of the world, says Tobias Thalbäck.

- Our partnership with Storvretacupen has always created challenges, but the cup has also helped SolidSport to take important steps in our development. Therefore, we look forward to these three years together.

SolidSport will also provide the functionality of the reporting from all games in the cup, which will also be available on mobile devices when the new SolidSport app will be released later this fall.

Storvretas IBK Chairman Henrik Ededahl comments on the partnership:

- SolidSport has contributed to make it a more awsome experience around the Storvretacupen, with both television studio, live broadcasts and news reports. This year we will jointly launch a new and even better website and also an app where we gather all the game charts, results and information around the cup. We know that it will give an overall better experience of the cup and it is fun that we have signed a long-term partnership with SolidSport so that we can jointly further raise the event.

- It's a good idea to be able to broadcast every game live, and it's good for the sport that a grandmother, father or siblings can be at home and watch the games and cheer for the youngsters even if they can not be there on location. And it's also great for the associations community as we can reimburse other local associations that helps us with filming and also strengthen their financial situation.

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