Plan your bus trips during Storvretacupen!

Storvretacupen is pleased that we have found a collaboration with UL on transport during the cup.

We save the environment and let UL do what they do best. With this we increase the transportation capacity and make it easier for everyone to plan their travels. The collaboration with UL aims to make it easier for participants in Storvretacupen to travel collectively between the arenas, dining rooms and accommodation.

Download the UL-app today and plan your trips during the cup.

Download the UL app in Googleplay here.

Download the UL app in the Appstore here.

If you need help getting started with your UL app, you are welcome to contact UL customer service, 0771 14 14 14.

Bus tickets for the entire cup will be available at your check-in points for coaches and players but not spectators. You will have free trips within zones one and two for 3 days.

UL and Storvretacupen welcome you to Uppsala.

About UL:
UL has the overall responsibility for public transport in Uppsala County.
It is Public transport and Community within Region Uppsala that is the regional public transport authority that is responsible for, procures and develops public transport in Uppsala County. Under the UL brand public transport is carried out. Public transport and society is governed by Traffic and the community development committee.
Read more about UL at their website here.

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