“Floorball is very popular in Switzerland”

One of the teams signed up to Storvretacupen’s A-junior class is UHC Alligator Malans. In an interview head coach Yves Mohr tells us about floorball in Switzerland, why they have chosen to come to Storvretacupen and much more.

What are your expectations of the coming season?
“It’s always difficult to say what the expectation are before the season starts. Of course we want to win every game we play. We want to develop our players and our playing style. As team our goal is to reach the semifinals of Swiss Championship but there are many games to play until March and many opponents to beat. The second goal we have set is to leave the rink after every game knowing that we have given everything we had to win the game.”

What is floorball's status in Switzerland?
“Floorball is very popular in Switzerland. Behind football floorball is the team sport with most licensed players. Top clubs had a spectator average off 750 to 1100 for qualifying games. Playoff games were live broadcasted in national TV. Especially children, adolescent and students are interested in floorball. Floorball is still growing since more than 30 years,” Yves Mohr tells us.

Why did you choose to come to Storvretacupen?
“We decided to play more international games for youth development, to improve their skills and give the players more experience. So we were looking for a tournament that we can play when the players are in shape. Storvretacupen is placed on a perfect date, when the championship takes a break.”

What should spectators expect when watching your team?

“We want to set our opponents early under pressure and force them to make mistakes we can profit from. We want to play an active, attractive and a spectacular game with a lot of power and speed,” he continues.

Are there any players spectators should look out for?

“Number 22 Damian Rohner is national team player from the Swiss U19, tall with a lot of speed and a lot of skill. You should also keep an eye on number 16 Valentin Schubiger. He is a playmaker and can read the game like a book. And the last one the List is number 12 Mauro Hartmann, he is very fast on his feet, agile and has a precise shot, he can be a gamechanger.”

What goals do you have with Storvretacupen?
“It’s important for us to take as much experience with us as we can and to play as many games as possible and leave a good impression in Sweden,” Yves Mohr concludes.

You can watch all UHC Alligator Malans games live during Storvretacupen via our livestreams.

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