Follow Storvretacupen in your smart phone

If you want to follow the Storvretacup from your smartphone, download the SolidSport app. Available on Google Play as well as on Appstore.

Now you can download the SolidSport app if you want to follow your favorite teams in Storvretacupen via mobile. When you buy All Access you also get access to all live broadcasts and replays from over 2000 matches.

Android - Click here to download the app on Google play.

iOs - Click here to download the app on Appstore.

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Finally you can register for Storvretacupen!

We have just opened registration to the world’s largest floorball cup, Storvretacupen! We are confident we will be hosting an amazing event despite current circumstances.

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Destination Uppsala extends their cooperation with Storvretacupen

Storvretacupen is the world's largest floor cup with over 800 participating teams from ten countries. The cup is organized annually for three different periods starting shortly after the Christmas celebration; December 27-29, January 2-4 and January 4-6. In connection with the upcoming Storvretacupen in December, they enter their 28th cup year. Since 2015, Storvreta IBK has had a collaboration with Destination Uppsala around the cup, a collaboration that will now be further deepened through various kinds of support and education.

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The Dates for the Coming Storvretacupen!

Now the dates for the coming Storvretacupen have been set!

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Watch all replays from Storvretacup 19/20!

Watch all replays from Storvretacup 19/20 for 14.9€. I gives you access to all replays from the tournament. You can also download all the games and save memories for life!

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