“One of the leading teams in Estonia”

One of the teams signed up to Storvretacupen’s B-junior class is SK Noorus from Estonia. In an interview coach Igor Prõttšikov tells us about floorball in Estonia, why they have chosen to come to Storvretacupen and much more.

What are your expectations of the coming season?
“We expect to become one of the leading teams in Estonia.”

What is floorball's status in Estonia?
“This year the Estonian professional league was renamed the Paf league and now there is 12 teams. Also we have the Paf 2-nd league, so Floorball status is ok, but could be better,” Igor Prõttšikov continues.

Why do you choose to come to Storvretacupen?
“We want to try to face other countries and maybe find teams for some of our players in Sweden”

What should spectators expect when watching your team?
“Spectators should expect good floorball”

Are there any players they should look out for?
“We have some players with good potential, who played on the Estonian National Team in Moscow U19 world championship qualifier,” Igor Prõttšikov tells us.

You can watch SK Noorus via our webbstreams or live in Uppsala at Storvretacupen.

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