”Floorball is a fast-growing sport in Singapore”

The Youth Floorball Academy from Singapore are participating in the boys born-03 category with two teams. In an interview Youth Floorball Academy's Norani Zaini tells us about floorball's status in Singapore, why they are coming to Storvretacupen and more.

Why are you choosing to come to Storvretacupen?
− It's a prestigious international floorball cup and we feel that our players will benefit a lot from the exposure to the level of skills at the competition. This will be a good start to the learning journey we have planned for our players together with our new overseas club partner, Storvreta IBK.

What are your expectations of the cup?
− The experience that our players get from playing with other international teams, to test their skills and know where they stand in terms of floorball skills. It is also a good opportunity for our young players to get to know players from other parts of the world.

What is floorball’s status in Singapore?

− Floorball is a fast-growing sport in Singapore and more youths are taking up the sport. There is increasing focus on the development of youths for the sport, especially with the introduction of the Under-19 Youth Floorball League, run by Youth Floorball Academy earlier this year and supported by Singapore Floorball Association, whereas in past years there was only the Singapore Premier's Men's League for players to look forward to. There are now increasing opportunities for the young floorball players to shine and improve their skills.

What do you think is required for floorball to grow in Singapore?
− A robust environment with more opportunities for young players to get better at their skills and also more avenues for people of all ages to get exposed to the fun of the sport.

What should spectators expect when they watch your teams?
− Our team is made up of diverse players who come from different races, schools and background, and they have all come together for their love of floorball. They may be small but they are quick, skillful for their age and have good playing chemistry together.

You can watch the Floorball Youth Academy on site at Storvretacupen or through our live webbstreams.

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