“One of the best run international competitions in the world”

The Singapore Cubs are participating in the boys born-03 category as well as the girls born-03 category. In an interview coach Ben Ow tells us about what to expect of the teams, why they are coming to Storvretacupen and more.

How important is it for players from Singapore to participate in international tournaments?
− It's a very important aspect for players that are moving away from learning how to play floorball and getting into the high-performance side of floorball. We not only have to understand how the other countries, that are better in floorball, perform and train, but more importantly have to learn from what they are good at. For example the high level of stickwork which we currently do not possess at a young age in Singapore. In short, having players participate in international tournaments gives our players a good chance to see where they stand and also a good opportunity to learn from others.

Why do you choose to come to Storvretacupen?
− Impetuus Private Limited who organizes floorball expeditions out of Singapore was the first company that organized a team to be sent from Singapore to Storvretacupen in 2017 and we were very happy with the experience. That is why we wanted more of our youth from Singapore to be able to experience playing in one of the best run international competitions in the world. We choose to come so that our teams would be able to learn from others in this competition as well as for them to be able to watch live matches in other age groups, Ben Ow tells us.

What did you think of the last time you participated in Storvretacupen?
− It was a good experience and we had great support from the organizers to ensure our participants were well taken care of. The group that the boys were placed into was also really competitive and the boys really enjoyed playing in front of spectators and we even had some supporters during some of the games.

What should spectators expect when watching your teams?

− The teams train at least once a week in Singapore over a period of two months in preparation for this tournament and I'm sure the hard work will pay off. Do come down to support us and have a look at how we Singaporeans handle the beautiful game of floorball.

What goals do you have with Storvretacupen?  
− We believe to continue the good work done here and it's great to see more teams from Singapore participating in Storvretacupen. In addition for next year, we hope to send some adult teams and also some teams from our neighboring countries to take part in Storvretacupen. We also hope to arrange some training in the summer for players to polish up their skills in preparation for the end of the year Storvretacupen, he concludes.

You can watch the Singapore Cubs on site at Storvretacupen or through our live webbstreams.

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