Destination Uppsala extends their cooperation with Storvretacupen

Storvretacupen is the world's largest floor cup with over 800 participating teams from ten countries. The cup is organized annually for three different periods starting shortly after the Christmas celebration; December 27-29, January 2-4 and January 4-6. In connection with the upcoming Storvretacupen in December, they enter their 28th cup year. Since 2015, Storvreta IBK has had a collaboration with Destination Uppsala around the cup, a collaboration that will now be further deepened through various kinds of support and education.

˗ Meetings and events are important for Uppsala's development. Storvretacupen has been conducted annually for the past 27 years and attracts about 30,000 visitors at each implementation, says Anna Lindström, Head of Meetings and Events, Destination Uppsala. This means that only the cup annually generates around SEK 50 million in tourism economy during a period that has historically been low-invested. It is important for us to ensure the cup's continued development in Uppsala.

The new collaboration means that during the next two years, Storvretacupen will receive financial support and project management time (25% of full time) from Destination Uppsala, but also access to a digital salaried administration system and skills development through a series of training courses that the company arranges.

˗ The collaboration with Destination Uppsala enables and simplifies a generation change that the cup is currently undergoing, says Henrik Ededahl, chairman of Storvreta IBK. The cup is incredibly important to us and we are proud of what we manage to deliver to all participants every year.

The common goals are to maximize the cup's potential for Uppsala and Storvreta IBK, both on the sportside and financially and experimentally with the participant and the accompanying in focus. Among other things, the collaboration will increase the number of entering teams outside Mälardalen to Uppsala, coordination of contacts with Uppsala municipality will take place and to support the cup with digitization to increase the time efficiency of the cup.

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