And so Storvretacupen is over for this time. We want to send a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who made this year’s Storvretacupen something fantastic to remember for a long time.

Last day in Storvretacupen, what a fantastic edition this has been. Over 2000 matches will have been played and already we can conclude that viewer record has been hit on live broadcasts. We celebrate this with a really good final day offer!

The time has come, the last day of Storvretacupen! It contains some play off games, finals as well as lots of other games!

What would Storvretacupen be without all the fantastic referees. In the video, Maja and June tell how it is to be a referee in the cup.

January 3, 2019, we took the sports photographer Nils Petter Nilsson to Fyrishov and IFU Arena to document an afternoon in Storvretacupen.

It is time for Storvretacupen to start again and this time we will be going all the way to the 6th of January with a change of age groups on the 4th of January. You can watch ALL games via Solidsports webbstreams.