We have taken yet another big step forward and can now reveal that over 300 teams have signed up and more are on the way.

The season is just beginning for many teams but many have already signed up for Storvretacupen, just over 200!

The summer has come to an end and now we are hoping for a great floorball season.

We are happy to welcome you to the 28th edition of Storvretacupen. We hope to be able to create yet another incredible floorball experience in Uppsala again this winter!

Now we can finally let you know that next week we will be updating all the information for the coming Storvretacupen and open registration!

If everything had been as per usual, we would just have finished the first period of Storvretacupen and we miss you all! But do not worry, Storvretacupen will be back better than ever.