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Today Storvretacupen’s organization have been reached by information that makes it impossible to run Storvretacupen. Therefore we are reluctantly forced to announce that Storvretacupen, which should have started on the 27th of December 2021, will be canceled.

Preorder Storvretacupen shirts!

For this Storvretacupen Craft and Klubbhuset have created some amazing Storvretacupen shirts, preorder them now at a special price!

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Work during Storvretacupen!

We are now looking for people to work during Storvretacupen, mainly the secretariat and checking vaccinepasses.

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Студия Солидспорт




The world's largest floorball cup is this year's highlight of the season for lots of teams from all over the world. The tournament has been breaking world records in the number of participating teams and includes 1300+ games from 20+ fields. All matches will be broadcast live on SolidSport and many of them will be played in the powerful main arenas IFU Arena and Fyrishov, where we have to look forward to powerful audience parties again after the lifted restrictions.