Cup information/Update regarding the corona virus

Update regarding the coronavirus 

                                            Most importantly, as of now the tournament will proceed as planned. 

We are staying updated with the most current information from the Swedish Football Association, (SVFF) Public Health Authorities, and the government. If the situation changes or gets worse, we will follow the advice we are given. The government decided that larger events than 500 spectators should be suspended. This is to avoid a faster spread.  


With that information SVFF decided to play the upcoming football games without spectators. However, after having spoken to different organizations, the circumstances regarding NIC is NOT one of the events that will be suspended at this point.   

  • There will most likely not be more than 500 spectators at the arena in the same time  
  • There is only one small spectator stand and it’s outdoors with a lot of space to see the games from

Regarding those who are staying in the school, approx 220 people, we will separate the teams so that teams from the same country will stay in different parts of the school with separate lavatories. Of course, we will inform those who are staying and the people that are working there what they can do to prevent the spread of the virus.

We will of course give all people working with the tournament and spectators, rules regarding hygiene and other very simple ways to prevent the covid-19 virus to spread, that will apply during the tournament. We also recommend that you keep in touch with your own club and your country’s Football association to follow the development. 

If the tournament is cancelled, you will receive your money back. However, as of now, refunds will not be issued since the tournament is still scheduled to proceed. But if your team or club is concerned and you want to drop off, we will of course let you do that with a full refund for players and leaders. Teams registration fee will be refunded if the tournament will be suspended. For this reason, we need your cancellation before Monday 16/3 so that we still have time to organize a fantastic tournament.   

Best regards, NIC 2021