Participating teams/Participating teams 2018

Eskilstuna United girls-04 is a team consisting of 20 happy girls who like to play soccer. We play in 2 series, 1 in Sörmland and 1 in Västmanland. We enjoy hanging out together and participating in cups and camps. Our team slogan is "Laget framför jaget" which means that the team goes first, before the individual.

Tullinge Fotboll was founded in 1944 and is based in the southern part of Stockholm. The clubs core values is "Bredd, Ambition and Långsiktighet". We have fantastic conditions to manage player development with for example our own heated winter football field. We have develop our education plan during a long time and as a club we see the results from that today. For example is this the second year in a row that the club is participating in Nordic Invitational Cup. Like a lot of other clubs that are in the front line we are sponsored by Dunross.

Tullinge Fotboll F04 is a team that the whole time has worked with a long-term strategy to develop good football players and we have seen that in our players development over the years. We have a well-developed strategy for working together with older and younger teams in the club. Last year 17 of our players played for the F03 team and 10 of them played in division 1. 3 players also played for our F16-19 team last year. The team consist today of 28 girls. Most of them live in Tullinge/Botkyrka. But we also have a few players that lives outside Tullinge/Botkyrka

Adolfsbergs IK is a fantastic team soccer girls born 04-05, there are also some really talented girls born 06 in the team. The girls love playing soccer and having fun together. We practise outdoors throughout the year, but now we can't wait for spring with sun, warm weather and grass. Also, the series and cups start within soon. Nordic Invitational Cup comes first and we are really looking forward to it. Following the NIC we have both local cups and Gothia Cup, hence a soccer spring and summer to look forward to. See you in Stockholm in May!

HyPS T04/05 team is founded in 2011 and we have 36 girls with different skill levels. From the beginning our main values have been fairness, player development and team spirit. "Purposefully but not seriously" could be our motto. Our playing philophy is based on ball possession and attacking which makes our games very entertaining.

HJK, Helsingin Jalkapallo Klubi, comes from Helsinki, Finland, and is Finland's largest and most successful Football Club. There are close to 1000 girl footballers in the Club of which ca. 60 are born in 2004. HJK G04 Blue (Sininen) was founded in November 2017 as a second representative / competition level team in the age group to support further growth of motivated and talented players. Team is practicing ca. 4 times a week and on top of that, playing in different series, games and tournaments. Team wants to live the HJK core values: Growth, Ambition and "Klubilaisuus", which could be translated as "Being Part of HJK -Tribe".

Håbo FF is the football association in Bålsta, a town 50 kilometers west of Stockholm. Håbo FF was formed by a merge between Övergrans IF and Bålsta IK in 1996. The girls born 2004 is part of Håbo FF Ladies Junior team consisting of girls born between 2001-2004 and some talented girls born in 2005. The team will play in in the local league Girls 15-17 this upcoming year.

Football club Jyväskylän Pallokerho (JyPK) was founded in 1952, and since the 1990s has focused on developing girls and womens football. Our goal is to train female players from Central Finland to be top players at the national level. Currently the team (JyPK 04, players born in 2004) has 20 members who practice 4-5 times a week and play top-level nationwide league games, in addition to competitive games in the Central Finland region and national tournaments. Since 2015, the team has participated in the Sami Hyypiä Academy (SHA) program, which aims to develop the highest quality players. We look forward to competing on the field with familiar acquaintances as well as with those of you whom we haven't yet met.

Nacka FC i a soccerclub located in south east of Stockholm, capital of Sweden.

The Nacka FC girls born in 2004 is a small squad of talented players.

We are dedicated to the game and train hard with the best conditions available for girls in the Stockholm area.

This year we have so far participated in tournaments in Sweden, Finland and the United States.

In Stockholm we play in the highest series of the league.

In tradition with the club policy we also give the possibility for younger girls to play on a higher level in order to develop the players of the club.

The current team consists of a great group of humble and friendly girls on as well as of the pitch.

We mix speed, finesse and technical advantage and often please the audience with great games regardless if we win or loose.

Sunnersta AIF F04 comes from the south parts of Uppsala and consists of 23 ambitious football girls practising 3 times a week during the whole year. The coming season we will be playing in the series "F15-17 advanced". Apart from the series we will participate in a number of cups, among others Mästarcupen and Gothia Cup. We are looking forward to Nordic Invitational Cup and to go up against qualified opponents with well educated football girls.

We are a wonderful team of girls and leaders who pursue ambitious and structured football education with great joy, community and high quality. Our goal is to play fast-paced and technical football. We want to create a good development environment where everyone feels safe and involved. We believe in a long-term and healthy football development. We practice 3 times a week and play many matches and cups. In the S:T Erikscup, we participate in the following series in 2018, Girls 04 div 1 Girls 04 div 3

Tyresö FF is based in Tyresö south of Stockholm with over 1500 members from 6 years of age. In 2018, TFF will participate with more than 100 teams in different leagues including S:t Eriks-Cupen. We offer activities spanning from the football school for the youngest boys and girls to our women's and men's senior representative teams.

The team F04 consists of girls from the southern parts of Stockholm and plays in the highest league in Stockholm, but also on other levels in the league.

Umedalens IF F-04 come from Umeå in the northern part of Sweden. The club was founded in 1935 and has about 1 700 members with activities in Badminton, Bandy, Table tennis, Athletics, Handball, Orienteering, Cross country skiing, Parasport, Futsal and Football. We have youth teams in football from 6 years old boys and girls up to adult teams. F04 consists of 22 players born 2004. We train about five times a week, including games. During summertime we play in different series at different levels (local series, district series). During wintertime we also play futsal four times a week. The main challenge for us is to find training sessions during the long winter period, since there is only one indoor arena in Umeå.

Västerås IK F03/04 is a team consisting of girls born 2003, 2004 and 2005 where the majority is born 2004.

We are today a bit over 30 players where Almost 10 of them have played together since 2010.

We are generally a club working with quite low resources and we are the oldest girls team in the club so we lack the possibilities to train and play with older players.

Still we are trying to combine "serious development and education" with "having fun together".

During the years we have played several cups of different levels and in different setups. We will this year play in two series, played in cooperation between the districts of Västmanland and Örebro, and also this year play a number of cups.

Hanvikens SK F04 is from Tyresö Sweden. This is a ambitions team of 27 players who love soccer and the fellowship it gives, and also all of the other activities that we do off the field to build a strong team spirit.

In our team, everyone is welcome.

We have three words in the team and in the club that is.

JOY: That creates motivation and will.

COMMUNITY: Strengthens the individual and the group.

DEVELOPMENT : Everyone must be challenged and stimulated at their level to get the most out of all workouts, matches, cups and camps. We build our games based on the team. Our playing philosophy is offensive oriented with a lot of ball possession.

We are looking forward to meeting all talented players and teams in the Tyresö NIC.

Hanvikens SK F04

In the autumn of 2017 we decided to merge the two local teams of Örby IS and Stuvsta IF, to continue together at Stuvsta Sports Ground, to build a team for the future with ambitions, team spirit and positive environment for talent development for each girl. We are now more than 30 girls playing with one team in Division 1 and one in Division 2. We also support our clubs´ Girls-03-team on a regular basis. Stuvsta is one of the larger clubs in the Stockholm region, with a very well organized girl- and womens football from age 5 to senior level.

We look forward to the challenges at this tournament.