Participating teams/Participating teams 2016

BK Astrio

BK Astrio is based in Halmstad on the west coast of Sweden. The club was founded in 1933 and has 700 active football players. BK Astrio has football school for the youngest children and teams from 7 years old boys and girls up to senior.

Our values are:

• Community, friendship and joy

• Fighting spirit and focus on training

• Well trained coaches och players

In BK Astrio we say no to selection and works actively to prevent it. The association works, in different ways, to make it possible for children and young people in BK Astrio to practice several different sports. Astrio F-02 has got 17 active players, several practicing other sports as well, and 5 coaches. In 2016 we will play in one leage as well as some cups, e.g. Gothia Cup.

Bærum SK

Bærum Sportsklubb (SK) is based in Sandvika, 15 km southwest of Oslo, Norway. Our club has over 700 players from 6 years of age to senior. In 2016, Bærum SK will participate in the League with approx 50 teams and in numerous cups, including international summer cups. We offer activities spanning from the football school for the youngest boys and girls to our women's and men's senior teams.

IF Brommpojkarna


BSF is based in Ballerup east of Copenhagen. BSF have more than 60 teams and offers football practice for girls and boys at any age as wellas women and men - there is room for everyone! BSF is considered to be an important player within women's football developing talents for 3F league and the national team.

Danmarks IF

Danmarks IF is based in Bergsbrunna just outside Uppsala city centre. Uppsala is Scandinavia's oldest university town and lies 70 km north of Stockholm. Danmarks IF has 1600 members and 600 of them are actively participating in sports where football is the main sport. We have youth teams from 6 years old boys and girls up to adult teams.

The 2002 girl's team started in 2009 and consists mainly of girls from three local schools. Over the years we have attracted some additional girls from a larger uptake area. The team has 23 players and 5 coaches. In 2016 we will play in two leagues (9-aside and 11-aside) as well as some cups.

Enskede IK

Enskede IK is based just south of Stockholm City Center. With 120 teams and over 2000 members, players from 5 years up to senior, makes it one of Sweden's largest sports organizations. F02 consists of 30 players (only one team F14). We enjoy to participate in different cups, both football and Futsal during winter. The main challenge for us is to find proper training sessions, since 120 teams sharing a limited number of fields, it´s not optimal.

FK Fyllingsdalen

SK Haugar

SK Haugar is a club from the city Haugesund on the west coast of Norway. The club was founded in 1939 and has teams for both boys and girls, from the ages six to senior. SK Haugar is one of the biggest clubs in Norway, with over 90 teams total playing the different series.

SK Haugars biggest goal is "to be a club for everyone", with players development in focus, as well as building strong social bonds between the club's players and many volunteers. A good and healthy place to be!

The club's biggest achievements is to have been playing in the Top Senior Division for both men and women. The men's team have also been runners up in the Norwegian Cup, and played in the European Cup Winners Cup 1980/81.

As for famous individuals in the club, we are proud to be the home club for former National Captain Christian Grindheim, and of late the Norwegian no 1 referee Svein Oddvar Moen who's represented Norway in Champions League, The World Cup, The Olympics and will take part in France Euro 2016.


Ilves F02 comes from Tampere, Finland. The club was founded in 1931 and has 5000 registered players with youth activities and team sports including Football, Floorball, Ice hockey, Futsal and Ringette.

We are one of the best teams in Finland in this age group. We train five to six times in a week all around the year including the games. In addition, some players take part in morning training or some other extra training regularly. During summertime we play in different series at different levels (local series, district series). Sometimes we also train by playing against boys. During wintertime we also play indoor football.

FC Kuusysi

Lillehammer KFK

Lillehammer Kvinnefotballklubb (LKFK) is based in Lillehammer, two hours' drive north of Oslo. It is a soccer club solely for girls and women, has approximately 30 teams and more than 300 players. Activities span from the youngest girls to the senior football team.


PK-KU (Pallokerho Keski-Uuusimaa) is established 2005. The club has about 200 players and our team has 30 players. PK-KU is a competitive club, in which the youngest players are U13. All new players are chosen in try out- events. Our team began its action at fall 2015.

Our team`s goal is to develop our players to the top as individuals and to be one of the best teams in Finland in our age group.


Tyresö FF

Tyresö FF is based in Tyresö south of Stockholm with over 1500 members from 6 years of age. In 2016, TFF will participate with more than 100 teams in different leagues including S:t Eriks-Cupen. We offer activities spanning from the football school for the youngest boys and girls to our women's and men's senior representative teams

Värmdö IF

Värmdö IF was established approximately three Swedish miles outside of Stockholm in 1948. The club contains several teams within sports such as soccer, track and field, handball and floorball. The backbone for the club is its enthused leaders, parents, players and other members, whose engagement is rooted in comradery and joy of the sports played! The soccer-section of the club is made up by apporximately 300 girls and 700 boys. Värmdö IF:s vision is to be a club for any and all, which means that each individuals own ambition shall be taken into account.

The Värmdö IF Girls-02 establishment has been around since 2008. Today, the team has 18 dedicated players and it is led by a handfull of coaches and leaders. Our training is run in a spirit of constructivism where we stimulate and prime the personal, creative thought-processes of the team-members during both individual practices and during games. Players should not only be informed about how they should act and react in various situations, but should also be able to figure out for themselves why

Växjö DFF

Växjö DFF was established in 1986 and has since the start been a dedicated girls' and women's football association. Växjö DFF has about 450 players from girls born in 2008 to senior players.

Växjö DFF plays in "Elitettan" with its representative team season 2016. Växjö DFF is conducting an increasingly successful football business. Our team, girls 2002, won one of the biggest tournaments in Sweden ,"Future Cup" 2015.

Växjö DFF have high goals and one of these is that Växjö DFF will be participate in the Champions League In 2020.