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Tyresö FF

Tyresö FF, based just south of Stockholm, has over 1500 members from 6 years and upwards. In 2013, we participated with more than 80 teams in the different leagues. We conduct both breadth and elite activities. For the very young, we have our football school and for the older girls “Flickallsvenskan" as well as 1st division for women.

Tyresö FF F01 is one of the top teams in Sweden

TFF F01 just qualified to the elite division and will be competing against the best teams in the Stockholm region next year. The team has also doubled and played in the series for one year older girls to be challenged and excel in their football skills.

Example of achievements during last years

Winner of Roslagscupen year 2012

Winner of Örebrocupen year 2013

Winner of Hudik cup year 2013

Semifinal Cup Denmark (F99) year 2014

Örebrocupen winner B-final year 2014

Winner of ST-cupen 2015. ST-cupen is the largest indoor football cup in Sweden


information can be found on

Djurgårdens DFF F01:1

Djurgårdens DFF F01:1 is a team based in the eastern part of central Stockholm with Östermalms Idrottsplats as it's home ground. The first team, consisting of a very talented and tight group of players, work hard together with the training staff with very high ambitions both in developing the players' football skills as well as developing the team as such. The team seeks highest possible challenge for it's players both in training and in opponents in matches such as girls' teams born in 2001 on the highest level, girls' teams born in 2000 and 1999 and also against boys teams born in 2001.

As a result, the team is one of the top teams in Sweden and Scandinavia and has reached many trophies during the years since the team was founded in 2007/2008. Here are some of our achievements during the 2014/2015:


Winner of Sörmlands Sparbank Cup, Katrineholm(futsal).

Winner of Lucia Cup, Spånga(5-mannafotboll).

Winner of Järfälla Ungdomscup, Järfälla(futsal).

Winner of Frejcupen, Täby Kyrkby(futsal).

Winner of Indoor Cup, Järfälla(futsal).

Winner of Statoil Ingarö Cup, Ingarö(futsal).

Winner of Girls Super Cup, Helsingfors/Borgå, Finland(11-mannafotboll).

Bronze in Piteå Summer Games, Piteå(11-mannafotboll).

Winner of Gothia Cup/Playoff B, Göteborg(11-mannafotboll).

Winner of S:t Erikscupen F14 3A(11-mannafotboll).

Runner up Selected Team Cup, Linköping(11-mannafotboll).

The team remained unbeaten in full time from July until the end of the year.


Winner of Luciacupen F00, Botkyrka(futsal).

Winner of Luciacupen F01, Botkyrka(futsal).

Winner of NFF-Cupen F00, Botkyrka(futsal).

Runner up NFF-Cupen F01, Botkyrka(futsal).

Winner of Frejcupen, Täby Kyrkby.

Bronze in Elite Winter Trophy, Åland.

More information about the club and team can be found on the team's homepage:

Home Jersey: White

Away Jersey: Orange

Shorts: White

Socks: White

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NuPS Nummelan Palloseura

Nummelan Palloseura (NuPS) is a Football Club that comes from a small village situated about 50 kilometers northwest from capitol Helsinki. NuPS has about 500 members, of which 140 girls, so the club is not nearly one of the largest in Finland, but we have good training conditions throughout the year.

In this age group F01 we have been lucky to have over 20 enthusiastic girls and so inspirational trainers that we have been able to offer the girls the possibility to train and develop in their own neighbourhood even when competing at the highest level. So we have been teasing the bigger Clubs in Finland year after another. And not only teasing, we have maintained our place as one of the top teams in Finland in this age group for several years now.

Girls have won many trophies in tournaments and leagues both in Finland and abroad, most memorable of those being:

Winner of Alandia Cup 2012

Semifinalist in Gothia Cup 2013

Winner of Stadi Cup (Finnish (Europe's?) biggest tournament only for girls) 2014

Winner of Dana Cup 2014

Silver medalist of the highest league for girls in Finland (ELL) 2014

Team's homepage (In Finnish only):

Home Jersey: Red

Away Jersey: Black

Shorts: Black

Socks: Black

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TiPS Tikkurilan Palloseura

Tikkurilan Palloseura (abbreviated TiPS) is a football club from Tikkurila in Vantaa, Finland. The club was formed in 1958 and its main catchment area is East Vantaa. With over 1000 licensed players at the end of 2014, Tikkurilan Palloseura is one of Finland's largest football clubs, bringing together players and officials from different backgrounds. The club provides coaching and training programmes to ensure equal opportunities for everyone to participate, develop, practice and compete.

TiPS T01 is team for girls born in 2001 currently including 34 players. Team has two playgroups: Black (Musta) competes at the highest level and Green (Vihreä) at the second highest level in Finland. Biggest achievements in 2014 were bronze medals from unofficial Finnish Championships in August and semifinals in Gothia Cup. In 2015 the main goal is to develop individual players both skillfully and tactically. We believe that we have chance to win every game we play.

Homepage (in Finnish) :

Home Jersey: Green

Away Jersey: White

Shorts: Black

Socks: Black

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PK35 Pallokerko 35

Pallokerho-35 has its own roots in Vyborg (Viipuri), the once-thriving capital of Carelia. Viipurin Pallokerho sports club was established there in 1935. After the wars, the club was relocated to Helsinki and was renamed to Pallokerho-35 (Ball Club-35). Team shirts red and black colours are based on the colours of the Carelia province. Pallokerho 35´s slogan is "A Flame in the Heart of Helsinki". PK-35 womens team and also our B- 18 girls won the Finnish championship in 2014.

The PK-35 C-14 girls is a goal-oriented competitive team. It is one of the most successful teams in its own age group in Finland. Our main goal is to develop individual players both skillfully and tactically and that is why most of the girls also represent the Helsinki district team. The team has won several tournaments and trophies for example in 2012 the team won Stadi Cup in June (the biggest girls tournament in Finland) and 2014 the unofficial Finnish Championships in August, and became third in Selected Team cup in Linköping. 2015 in January the team won the Ronaltiina Cup in age group G-15.

Home Jersey: Red/Black striped

Away Jersey: White

Shorts: Black

Socks: Black

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Rönninge Salem Fotboll

Rönninge Salem Fotboll F01 is a team located south west of Stockholm. During the last years the team has proven to be one of the top teams in Sweden and also compared with international competition. The team has every year been in the top of the highest league in Stockholm (St Erikscupen). Some of our achievements are:

Bronze medal in playoff A in Gothia Cup, Gothenburg, 2014

Silver medal, NFF Cup (indoor), Stockholm 2014

Winner Ersan trophy, Stockholm, 2013

Winner NFF Cup (indoor), Stockholm, 2013

Winner Late Night Cup (indoor), Stockholm 2013

Silver medal, Girls Invitational Cup playoff B, Saltsjö Boo, 2013

Winner Örebrocupen, Örebro, 2011

Winner NFF Cup, Stockholm, 2015

More information can be found here:

Home Jersey: Yellow

Away Jersey: Black

Shorts: Black

Socks: Yellow

Md staffanstorp

Staffanstorp GIF

Staffanstorp is a small town situated between Malmö and Lund in the south of Sweden. Staffanstorps GIF is a club with about 500 members.

We have a great venue with two grass pitches and three artificial turf pitches.

Together with Malmö FF we have football classes from 7th to 9th grade.

Staffanstorps GIF F01 is one of the best teams, if not the best, in the south of Sweden.

We are 35 girls born 2001 and 2002 and participate in at least two different leagues..

We have won the toughest league i Skåne three years in a row. The last two years without loosing a single match.

Several girls have played with our older F99/00-team and one girl have even played a whole season with our ladies team.

We have seven girls heading for the team of Skåne F01 and next year we have at least seven girls heading for the team of Skåne F02.

Example of achievements during last years:

Winner of the highest league for girls in Skåne 2014 with the score difference 38-3 in 8 matches.

Winner of the highest league for girls in Skåne 2013

Winner of the highest league for girls in Skåne 2012

Winner of Växjösparken 2014

Winner of Tjejcupen Höllviken 2014

Winner of Kristianstad Arena Cup 2015

Winner of Hesslecupen 2014

Winner of Romelecupen 2014

Winner of TFK Nova Kicken 2013

Winner of Tjejcupen Staffanstorp 2014

Winner Hällevikscupen 2013

Quarterfinal Gothia Cup 2014

More information can be found here:

Home Jersey: Red

Away Jersey: Blue

Shorts: Blue

Socks: Red

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FK F01 is a team from the North part of Sweden. The team consists of 18 players. We have participated in following tournaments; PSG, UFF, Örebro cup, Tjejsistan and Vasa cup.


Winners of the UFF

Winner of the Municipal cup

Winner of the girls division 1

Second place in Vasa cup

We have won Tjejsistan all 5 years and got 3rd place in PSG.

Md fc ilves

Ilves F01

Ilves F01 comes from Tampere, Finland. We are one of the best teams in Finland in this age group. We train five to six times in a week all around the year including the games. In addition, some players take part in morning training or some other extra training regularly. During summertime we play in different series at different levels (local series, district series). Sometimes we also train by playing against boys. During wintertime we also play indoor football and in March we are going to play in a Finnish Championship Tournament for girls aged 14-15 years.

Players's development: current situation girls

Increasing amount of players

Basic structure according Ilves player's development plan

Players active participation to extra-trainings to follow Blue-White road –structure. Finnish Football Association's structure from the age grade of D12 all theway till National Teamsparticipation on

Area / Distric teams

75% of the nominated players are from Ilves

Youth National Teams in 2014 (players with Ilves background)

Girls U16 (1999) : 5

Girls U17 (1998) : 3

Girls U18 (1997) : 5

Girls U19 (1996) : 2

Women's national team: 3

International visit camps in Tampere e.g. Barcelona, Real Madrid

training programs made and guided by academic coaches of Barcelona and Real Madrid

Home Jersey: Yellow

Away Jersey: Green

Shorts: Green

Home Socks: Yellow

Away Socks: Green (some times yellow)

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Brommapojkarna F01:1

IF Brommapojkarna is based in Western Stockholm and with its roughly 4000 players it is the largest football club in Europe. IF Brommapojkarna is mostly known for its very successful youth activity including the academy.

IF Brommapojkarna F01-1 is one of the top teams in Stockholm and Sweden. In 2014 the team won St Erikscupen G13 North, St Erikscupen G13 Play-off, Slaget om Stångebro in Linköping and McDonalds Cup in Sundsvall. The team consists of 23 girls who are passionate about football and who are working hard to improve their skills and abilities on the football field.

More information (in Swedish) could be found at the team's website:

Home Jersey: Red/Black

Away Jersey: Green

Shorts: Black

Socks: Black

Md hovik

Høvik IF

Høvik IF er en lokal breddeklubb som holder til like vest for Oslo. Klubben er drevet av ivrige foreldre og er mer en farmerklubb til et toppserielag som heter Stabæk. Stabæk sitt damelag preger den øverste divisjonen hvert år og har spilt i champions leage senest i fjor.

Høvik sine jenter 2001 består av en stor tropp med hele 35 jenter som har trent sammen siden de var 7 år gamle.

De har vunnet flere turneringer men den som gledet jentene mest var kvalifiseringen til kretsmesterfinalen i 2014 mot Kolbotn hvor det ble 2 plass.

Md ingar fotboll f01

Ingarö IF

Ingarö IF is a club based in the Stockholm archipelago, just east of Stockholm. The club has approximately 1,200 members of which 660 are active in the football section.

Ingarö F01, despite its small size, has done very well over the years and is considered to be one of the top clubs in the Stockholm area. Ingarö has qualified to the elite division this year and will also, as in previous years, compete against one year older girls in the Stockholm region.

Example of achievements during last years

Winner of Statoil Cup 2015 G14 (futsal)

Winner of Stockholm Indoor Cup 2014 G13(futsal)

Winner of S:t Erikscupen G13 south 2014

Winner of Puma Stadium Cup 2014

Second in Statoil Cup G13 (futsal)

Silver i Siggestacupen G13 2013

Silver i Örebrocupen G13 2013

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Vaksala SK

Vaksala SK from Uppsala was founded 2002 and is now one of the largest football clubs in region. We offer Knattefotbollsskola from the age of 6 and have teams all the way up to our three womens teams where our first team plays in Div 1.

Our F01 team has been competing at the top level in Sweden for the last years. They have also played against older competition since the start in 2008 in order to offer the players challenges at their individual levels.

2014 Winner UFF League F13-14 Advanced

2014 Winner UFF League F14-16 Basic

2014 Winner UFF Regional Championship F13

2014 Quarterfinal Gothia Cup F13

2104 3rd place Örebrocupen F13

2013 Winner UFF League F13-14 Basic

2013 Winner HSB BoSpar Cup F12 (Indoor)

2013 3rd place Örebrocupen F12

2013 3rd place Parkcupen F12

2013 3rd place Fireworks Cup F12

2013 Runner-up GUSK Girls Cup F12 (Indoor)

2012 5th place UFF League F12

2012 Runner-up Örebrocupen F11

2012 Winner AIK Summer Cup F11

2012 Winner Parkcupen F11

2012 3rd place Helenecupen F11

2012 Winner GUSK Girls Cup F11 (Indoor)

2012 Winner Fanna Christmas Cup F11 (Indoor)


Home Jersey: Yellow/Black

Away Jersey: White

Shorts: Black

Socks: Yellow

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