Solidsport launches AI cameras in IFU Arena: “Great step”

Solidsport and IFU Arena have agreed on a collaboration and AI initiative, which means that tens of thousands of matches and events will be broadcasted live via automatic cameras during 2020-2023.
- It is a huge step for Solidsport and the sport industry of Uppsala, says Tobias Thalbäck, CEO of Solidsport.

Solidsport and IFU Arena agree on a three-year agreement, which means that Solidsport installs an automatic camera in IFU Arena's main court and provides five mobile transmission rigs in other halls. Something that allows all upcoming sports events in IFU Arena to be broadcasted live via Solidport's platform.

– Being able to offer a complete AI solution in IFU Arena which organizes hundreds of sports events every weekend is a huge step for us and the sport industy in Uppsala, says Tobias Thalbäck, CEO of Solidsport.

Our business model has proven to work well and we will continue along the path

– The AI ​​initiatives have so far been about fairly expensive installations where clubs or arena owners have had to take a financial risk and at the same time be locked to a platform. Our business model, which is always based on generating money for the sport, has proven to work well and we will continue on this path here too, says Thalbäck.

Solidsport offers a free streaming platform for sports clubs and associations. Meaning that every team can broadcast live events and games with a well-developed payment solution on their own Solidsport channel.

In 2019, 44,000 games were broadcasted via SolidSport's platform, which to date has generated over 4 million euro to clubs in Sweden and teams around Europe.

– This initiative means that we can increase the pace even more and offer even more teams the opportunity to make money from their matches, says Thalbäck.

With the collaboration, IFU Arena sees an opportunity to both digitalize itself, strengthen its offer to new and existing partners and generate new revenue to continue to develop its business.

– Solidsport is at the forefront and offers an innovative solution for broadcasting live sports. This collaboration gives us a unique opportunity to both develop our own business and at the same time offer a comprehensive concept that makes everyone involved a winner, says Tobias Svensson, CEO of IFU Arena.

About IFU Arena: 

Arena of the Year 2018 and Uppsala's largest sports arena - the gathering place for athletes and lovers of floorball and athletics, but also for young people and other Uppsala residents.

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Tobias Thalbäck, CEO Solidsport
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Tobias Svensson, CEO IFU Arena
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