Watch Helsinki Cup Live

Almost all ~4000 games will be streamed live and can bee watched with a single payment. Early Bird offer for only 11.90€ and the regular price will be 14.90€. Each game is watchable as its own stream and all streams will be available as recordings too latest the following day of the game.

Each game has a scoreboard with team names and the current score available as graphics. Games are streamed with a single camera by a cameraman and can be also purchased as single matches. All purchases of live streams also include the recording.

Only the four fields in Lauttasaari will not be available as streams. Most of the other fields have good enough connections for streaming.

Please be welcome to join us in enjoying Helsinki Cup safely.

You can buy the All Access for the tournament here.

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Katso Tallenteet!

Voit nyt katsoa kaikki Helsinki Cupin kuvattujen otteluiden tallenteet kätevästi yhdellä maksulla. Vain 9,90€. Jos ostit suoran lähetyksen tai All Access Passin, tallenteet sisältyvät automaattisesti niihin hintoihin. Huomaathan, että Lauttasaaressa pelattuja otteluita ei kuvattu.

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