Terms of Use

  1. General about SolidSport

    1. Solidtango AB provides SolidSport which is a digital platform for streaming video over the Internet that allow you to watch games, tournaments and other events. On the platform, sports clubs and associations can create a channel ("SolidSport Channel"). Each SolidSport Channel offers different features and services. These services are called together with the SolidSport digital platform hereafter referred to as ("Platform"). Unless otherwise expressly provided below as Solidtango AB and SolidSport hereafter referred to as ("SolidSport")

    2. These Terms of Use hereafter referred to as ("Terms") govern your viewing SolidSport Channels and use features and services on the platform. It is important that you, the User takes the time to read through the Terms carefully. You and other Users of the platform is hereafter referred to as ("User").

  2. Registration Of Account

    1. To be able to use the platform to its full extent the User must create a User account. To create an account it requires the User to be at least 13 years old. The User must be 18 years old to make purchases through the payment services. Registration of a User can be done at www.solidsport.com.

    2. The User is responsible for the information specified upon registration is correct. When registering an account that allows purchases the User may only disclose payment information such as credit card or a Paypal account held by the User personally.

    3. At registration, the User enters a User name and a password. User Credentials are personal and may not be used by another. The User should store their credentials so that they are protected from unauthorized access. Users are responsible for all use of the platform that is made through the User's account.

    4. If the User suspects that unauthorized access is gained by other, the User shall promptly notify SolidSport this, and change the password if possible. If SolidSport has reason to believe that the login information has been revealed or otherwise abused by an unauthorized person SolidSport has the right to immediately terminate this Agreement.

  3. Details Of Payment Services

    1. Payment
      1. SolidSport accepts payment via the payment method provided before the purchase. The User must have registered a valid payment method to buy content through the payment services or participate in free offers or other offers related to payment services.

      2. Prices for each payment is listed on the platform. Prices subject to change and SolidSport offers no price guarantees or refunds in the event of price reductions or promotional offers.

      3. Payment Services and some contents of the payment service are currently only available in some countries. The User is not entitled to pass on false, inaccurate or misleading information with the intent to improperly appear as living in a country where services are available.

    2. Trial periods and pre-orders
      1. SolidSport may offer free trial periods for new subscribers of the payment services. If the User purchases a subscription to a paid service that includes a free trial period, the User has free access to payment services throughout the trial period. When the current trial period ends, the User is charged the cost of the subscription, the User continues to be charged until your subscription is cancelled. If the User wishes to avoid fees, subscription must be canceled before the trial ends.

      2. SolidSport may offer the opportunity to pre-order special content within the payment services. When the User submits a pre-order for particular content and is not provided otherwise at the time of purchase, are completed transaction and User's credit card will be charged on the date when the actual purchase is carried out.

    3. Subscription
      1. When purchasing subscription with automatic renewal, the User has the right to unsubscribe at any time before the current billing period, the termination will take effect at the next billing period renewal.

      2. User agrees that SolidSport charges the registered payment method on the first day of the current subscription billing period. If the payment method is invalid, for example that the credit card has expired or other causes and SolidSport can not charge the amount of the next bill period, SolidSport has the right to revoke the User's access to all payment services being ordered until payment information is up to date. SolidSport may cancel a subscription if the User did not update their payment within a reasonable period of time.

    4. Specifically regarding access to special channel bundles
      1. Some types of payment services, providing User access to a SolidSport Channel or content from multiple channels in a channel bundle, as full payment for access to content paid a one-time payment or recurring subscription fee. SolidSport Partners may decide to update the available content on a regular basis, and some parts may become inaccessible or made available for free when this occur.

    5. Terms of compensation to the User for complaint
      1. If there errors would occur in the platform Users shall complain about the defect within two (2) months from the time the error occurred. Complaints may be in writing (email) or SolidSport Support.

      2. In some cases, Content that is part of a paid service can be unavailable due to technical problems or limitations from SolidSport partners that provides licenses for content or other legal or political reasons.

      3. The inaccessibility of content that are not referred to in paragraph 3.5.2, the following applies. Provided that the error has been reported in time and unavailability been significant as well, and SolidSport found that the fault is due to the fact that SolidSport is responsible for the error, the User may receive a so-called voucher code or if SolidSport considers it necessary, obtain a refund. A voucher code allows Users to unlock access to content on the platform to a certain predetermined value.

  4. Cancellation

    The User’s purchases in the platform covered by the Swedish Distance Contracts (SFS 2005: 59). This includes the User’s right to regret their purchase ("right of withdrawal") within 14 days of the User accepted the conditions of purchase (the "withdrawal period"). To claim the right of withdrawal, the User have to contact our customer service by email or telephone before the end of the withdrawal period. A prerequisite for the withdrawal is that the User has not started watching the purchased content on the platform.

  5. Using The Platform And Platform

    1. General rules of conduct
      1. The User may use the platform for private use and in accordance with these Terms of Use (the User is not allowed to play content from the platform in a restaurant or cafe business or similar commercial establishment without SolidSport’s explicit consent). Some services allow Users to publish their own material as such images, text, graphics, video clips and music ( "User Content").

      2. SolidSport and owners of SolidSport Channel (“Partners”) has the right to refuse to publish or remove User Content that does not meet the requirements for making the content available on the platform in accordance with these Terms of Use, see chapter 6.2 - 6.3 below.

    2. Posts that the User publishes
      1. SolidSport has no insight into what the User publish on the platform and the User has a separate legal responsibility for the contents of the User Materials that the User publishes on the platform. SolidSport has not appointed a publisher of User Content or other content and materials posted in the Services.

      2. The platform provides various functions that enable the User to communicate with other Users. In the event that the User considers that any content is inappropriate, the User shall use the "flagging" alerting SolidSport of inappropriate material.

      3. The User guarantees that the User Content does not contain statements or material whose disclosure could be subject to civil liability or criminal liability for SolidSport or holders of SolidSport Channel.

      4. The User may not upload User Content that includes illegal material such as, but not limited to hate speech, unlawful depiction of violence, child pornography, defamation or copyright infringement, pornography or material that contains any form of graphic violence.

    3. Responsibility for obtaining permission to the User Content
      1. User guarantees that it holds the ownership (or the right to dispose of) all intellectual property rights to the User Content. The User guarantees that the User have acquired all rights from all authors and other contributors to the User's material, including copyright and the right to the photographic images, which is required for the transfer to SolidSport under these Terms.

      2. When the User upload User Content on the platform then the User assigns to SolidSport:
        a) Non-exclusive rights to itself or through third parties, worldwide provide all or part of the digital content to the public on request by streaming, temporary download or the transmission form at all now and in the future existing distribution platforms, for receiving all present and future existing media, whether such receiving is free of charge, subscription payment, pay-per-view, or other form of payment.
        b) Non-exclusive rights to worldwide freely use excerpts, clips and still images from digital content for marketing purposes of the platform and / or SolidSport.
        c) A non-exclusive right to make such copies of Digital Content available on the SolidSport channel required for archiving and to facilitate the marketing and availability of the SolidSport Channel and platform.

  6. Term And Termination

    1. Subscriptions to the platform will be renewed automatically and will be renewed on a monthly basis after the end of the User's subscription period. SolidSport will continue to charge the specified monthly fee until the User cancels the subscription.

    2. Agreements without a subscription, may at any time be terminated by the User. Upon termination of the User the account is deleted immediately. Any outstanding voucher codes and subscriptions expires. Termination of the agreement by the User is to be made through the User’s account on the platform.

    3. SolidSport may at any time terminate the agreement with the User with immediate effect if the User has violated any conditions of this Agreement.

    4. SolidSport may, in addition to what is stated in section 6.3, terminate the Terms with immediate effect if SolidSport decides to close the platform totally or partially, decides to substantially change the platform and / or content, or have other reasonable cause to terminate the agreement. Termination of the Terms from SolidSport can be made via email or information on SolidSport website.

  7. Intellectual Property Rights

    1. The platform contains material that is protected under the Swedish Act (1960: 729) on Copyright in Literary and Artistic Works. All rights associated with the platform, with the exception of User Content, including copyright and other intellectual property rights to SolidSport or third party with whom SolidSport have settled an agreement. This means that the User does not have the right to spread (make available) or copy all or part of the platform to the public, or otherwise use the platform for commercial use.

    2. The User is granted a non-exclusive, non-transferable, limited license to access the content from the platform. The User may use the platform, and the content of the platform, in accordance with these Terms. For the avoidance of doubt, User Agreements with SolidSport does not imply ownership or other intellectual property rights to the content of the platform, or to the platform, to be somehow transferred to the User in any way.

  8. Links

    1. The platform may contain hyperlinks to other websites that are not owned or controlled by SolidSport. SolidSport has no control over and take no responsibility for the content, privacy policies, or the handling of other websites. SolidSport encourages the User to pay attention when he leaves the platform and to read the terms and privacy policy on any other web User visits.

    2. The User acknowledge and agree that SolidSport is not liable for any loss or damage which may be suffered by the User through the availability of such external sites or sources.

  9. Responsibility For Platform

    1. The contents of the platform is made available "as is" and SolidSport is not responsible for the content to be accurate or complete. SolidSport is not liable to Users for shortages or unavailability of the platform (financial loss or other damage) unless otherwise expressly stated in this agreement. Furthermore, SolidSport may at any time and without notice have the option to remove or alter the content on the platform. SolidSport is constantly working to improve both functionality and content, therefore changes are continuously made to the platform and services.

    2. As mentioned above, SolidSport has not appointed an responsible publisher of the platform, which means that the User has a personal responsibility for the publishing of User Content. SolidSport, however, has a responsibility to, after reports from those Users in the platform, remove the illegal material in accordance with the Swedish Act (1998: 112) on electronic notice boards.

  10. User Responsibility

    1. The User shall indemnify and hold SolidSport without damage in regards to damages, claims, costs and expenses, including legal fees, arising out of, or in connection with any breach by the User of these Terms and/or violations of any laws, regulations or third party rights. The User is therefore obliged, at the User’s own expense, defend and hold SolidSport indemnified against costs incurred to SolidSport as a result of claims from third parties which may arise from the User's use of the platform.

  11. Personal Data etcetera

    1. SolidSport is responsible for personal data and manages the Personal Data of the User according to the new Data Protection Ordinance (GDPR) and other applicable legislation. The user's personal information is used to enable SolidSport to fulfill its contractual obligations to the User. The personal data that SolidSport will process is the User's name, address, and account information. When using the service, we also store the IP address you log in to the service from and from which IP address you made your payment. SolidSport will continue to use the User's email address to manage newsletters and other information.

    2. The user is able to get information about Solidtango's processing of the User’s data without charge once a calendar year. Such request can be sent to the following address. Solidtango's privacy policy explains how Solidtango processes personal data and describes the User's rights. The privacy policy is available here: https://solidsport.com/en/privacy-policy.
      Contact information for questions about the handling of personal data, see 14.1.

  12. Changing Conditions

    These Terms of Use may be changed after the User first approved them, eg SolidSport introduces new payment methods and offer new types of subscriptions. SolidSport will inform Users of any such changes at least 30 days before the changes take effect.

  13. Applicable Law - Disputes

    1. Swedish law shall apply to this Agreement.

    2. Any dispute arising from these Terms, the parties primarily try to solve by mutual agreement. If the parties cannot agree the dispute shall be settled by Swedish courts by applying Swedish law. The User has, as a consumer, the right to refer the dispute to the court where the User resides. The User can also choose to first turn to the National Board for Consumer Complaints (“ARN”) for considerations of the dispute (www.arn.se/). ARN's decision is to be considered a recommendation to the parties on how the dispute should be resolved.

  14. Contact and Support

    1. The User acknowledges and agrees that paid services are used at your own risk and in accordance with applicable laws.
      Paid Services mediated by Solidtango AB, which is reached at:
      Solidtango AB
      Lumaparksvägen 9
      by email at info@solidsport.com

    2. Complaints and / or comments about your payment can be sent to the above address, or online using the previous information. Users can also contact Customer Service by clicking the "Help"-link next to the purchased item or contact the customer service team.