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Women's and WU19 Euro Floorball Tour will be played October 15-17 at the Bläk Boks in Ideapark Lmpäälä. During the 3 days there are 12 games with Switzerland, Czechia and Sweden joining the host Finland Women's national team and the WU19 national team.

Single games are 7,90€ and it includes the recording of the game too. 19,90€ includes all the games of the tournament.


Friday October 15 2021

9:30 SWE WU19 – SUI WU19
12:30 SWE W – SUI W
16:00 FIN WU19 – CZE WU19
19:00 FIN W – CZE W

Saturday October 16 2021

10:00 CZE WU19 – SWE WU19
13:00 FIN WU19 – SUI WU19
16:00 FIN W – SUI W
19:00 CZE W – SWE W

Sunday October 17 2021

9:00 SUI WU19 – CZE WU19
11:30 SUI W – CZE W
14:00 FIN WU19 – SWE WU19
17:00 FIN W – SWE W