Broadcast your own sports events live

Simple. No charge.

Get started in 2 minutes.
No previous knowledge required.

All Sports.

Easy registration.

Start by signing up for a free account on SolidSport. Then make sure you have an internet connection and can download the SolidSport Broadcaster app to a mobile phone or ipad. Finished - you are now a partner of SolidSport and have everything you need to broadcast live.

Reach new success with video.

All streamed image material is stored and is available for coaches to use for teaching and educational purposes. Previous broadcasts can become an important success tool, and the storage space is of course unlimited.

Get help getting started.

SolidSport offers training for those partners who want to get started with live broadcasts, and support is always available online on the platform.

Make money from your content.

With the help of SolidSport's smart payment solution, you can charge for your content, and we share the revenue. This not only gives parents, relatives and fans the opportunity to contribute financially to team and club funds but also the opportunity to follow the team live if one is not able to attend. All matches can also be seen afterwards.