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A free account at SolidSport, an internet connection and a mobile camera is all that is needed to complete your own live broadcast of an event. We want to see it as a new people movement. All sports - big and small - will be offered the opportunity to be lifted and reach a wide audience. Associations, teams and cups, follow the path to new revenue and growing interest.

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”Previously it has been straggling and difficult to know where to see Swedish badminton. Through the collaboration with SolidSport, we get a single platform where it's possible to see our biggest events.”

In August 2018, SolidSport and the Swedish Badminton Association initiated extensive cooperation. All matches in the Badminton league will be broadcast during the next three years on the union's own SolidSport channel, as well as the Swedish Badminton Championships. The mutual ambition is to further broaden the collaboration and then also broadcast matches and competitions at local level live.

Tomas Sandö Brandt
Badminton Sweden

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Follow the path of hundreds of other associations, cups and clubs. Create a free channel on SolidSport and see how your business can grow both economically and interestably. We share the revenue.

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